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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughts And Comment

  • Am I old-fashioned, sexist, or both in that it still bothers me more to hear a woman use bad language than it does a man. I work in a male dominated industry. Though I don't use it I have sadly become accustomed to bad language being part of the work place. But it still disturbs me that many of the women I work with have as bad of, or a worse mouth than the men do.
  • Health care. Two days since Obamanation signed it. Yep, I'm still really angry.
  • Recently had a discussion related to alcoholic beverage consumption based on Biblical teaching. I believe the Bible condemns the recreational consumption of alcohol. I was accused in the discussion of making up my mind, and trying to bend scripture to justify it. Notice, I was accused of this by someone that engages in alcoholic consumption and bends scripture to justify it! Too funny.
  • Heard Pete Hoekstra, U.S. Representative from Michigan, on the radio this morning (Bill Bennett's Good Morning in America). He was very impressive and is my early leader for the Republican nomination for governor. The Michigan primary is August 3rd.
  • Another GOP Michigan governor candidate, Mike Cox, who is the sitting Attorney General, has included Michigan in a list of states suing the federal government over the travesty that is the health care bill. Now Jennifer Granholm, the completely useless Democratic Michigan governor, is fighting him on it claiming he doesn't have the authority to represent Michigan in the suit. Can't she just resign now??
  • Speaking of Jennifer "Never Met A Tax I Didn't Like" Granholm, she is now wanting to place sales tax on services here in Michigan (currently, only non-food products are sales taxed) to keep pubic schools funded at current levels. A couple of years ago she got reamed for a similar proposal. Just goes to show that Democrats think they can weary their opposition by continuously forwarding the same tired ideas.
  • Apparently, turncoat pro-publically-funded-abortion U.S. Representative from Michigan Bart Stupak is getting some pretty angry calls to his office from his constituents. Of course the idiotic mainstream media is trying to play them up as abusive, threatening, and disturbing. I heard some samples, and while angry, they are none of those things. Where was the MSM when Jim Bunning was getting threats for stalling extended unemployment payments?
  • Finally, Director James Cameron has attacked Glennn Beck. He claims he is willing to debate Glenn Beck on the hoax that is global warming. Beck responds: Glenn Beck wears 3-D glasses, mocks James Cameron That is funny stuff. What do you want to bet that Cameron would never take Beck up on an actual debate?

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