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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tom Hanks Is An Idiot

I love it when an idiot makes the case that they are an idiot for me. I don't have to say any more to prove Tom Hanks' idiocy, these two articles make the case for me:

Click here: Tom Hanks' and Steven Spielberg's 'The Pacific' Pays Tribute To WWII Vets

Click here: Tom Hanks Is At It Again, Says Overcoming Racism Is Taking US “An Awfully Long Time” and Calls WWII a War of “Racism and Terror”

Uhhh. Yeah. Okay. On one hand he spends $200 million to "pay tribute to WWII Vets". Yet, on the other hand he bands mouths the war as a war of racism and terror? Here is a gem:

Click here: Tom Hanks: US Wanted to Annihilate the Japanese Because They Were ”Different”

Really? I guess the Japanese launched a completely unwarranted attack on Pearl Harbor because they felt we are all the same. Or is Hanks suggesting that we orchestrated the bombing of Pearl Harbor as an excuse, similar to what 9/11 Truthers claim about 9/11?

This of course during a media blitz promoting the HBO series where Hanks worships (literally) Obama, and condemns everything that made our nation great.

Wow. So Hanks makes millions making movies honoring WWII vets, and then at every chance bad mouths everything those vets fought for. Amazing.

Congratulation Tom Hanks, you are without a doubt a total idiot.
Tom Hanks is an idiot.


Writer X said...

This wasn't Hanks' brightest moment. Does he also call the rebuilding of Japan as racist? Clearly he didn't study history but actors are rarely the brightest bulbs in the box.

Anonymous said...

Hanks is just the latest in a growing number of Hollyweird yayhoos who want to rewrite history. He's also a coward like the rest of his liberal cronies. He drops his shit and runs away, refusing to back up his allegations with hard fact because he knows he can't.

Anonymous said...

Tom Hanks is just another hollywood liberal that is commiting career suicide by backing this president and denouncing everything that this country has done to make itself great. Once all is said and done, and we take back our country from this moron of a president, Hanks, Clooney and all te other idiots from hollywood will be on an apology tour.

Anonymous said...

I agree.... career suicide. It's funny I googled "tom hanks is an idiot fan club" and I was directed to this site. Glad to see there are more that think like me. What a fool! I so miss Andrew! Will there ever be another?