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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Juan Williams: "(If you allow offshore drilling) you will be dripping oil when you come out of the ocean."

What? Okay, Juan has never been very smart. Anyone that has seen him on Fox News realizes this. The guy depends on government subsidies for his livelihood (NPR) so of course he loves big government. But he also loves Barack Obama. (Any guesses why?)

All that aside, only a complete moron could make the statement he made tonight on Sean Hannity. He was on a segment of the show related to the smoke and mirrors Obama is trying to pull with his offshore "exploration" policy. Everyone sees it for the political ruse that it is. Except good ol' Juan.

Sean went through a litany of drilling that this new policy doesn't allow. Places no exploration is necessary because we know the oil is there. ANWAR, off the coast of California, off the coast of Florida, and more locations in the Gulf of Mexico. Juan's response, and he was totally serious about this too:

"And you will be dripping oil when you get out of the ocean."

Unbelievable. (By they way, I will put the video up as soon as Fox News does.) NPR, if they had a shred of integrity, would fire him now. The only reason Fox News allows him on is because he provides so many examples of liberal stupidity and hi-jinx that it is impossible not to invite him back.

Some other examples: when he nearly broke out in tears in disappointment at Bush's reelection on election night in November of 2004. When he did break out in tears of joy over the election of Barack Hussein "I Am Going To Ruin The Country" Obama. And early in tonight's program when he compared allowing drilling off the coast of Alaska to "another Exxon Valdez ".

If the guy is serious with this stuff then he should seek medical attention. Something isn't right with his noggin.

UPDATE!!!! Can't find the video, but Lexus Nexus has the transcript: Transcript of Juan Williams on Hannity's show

Here is the exchange:

HANNITY: I think Republicans are getting suckered in to a bad deal by the president. We would drill off the coast of California and Florida tomorrow because we know where the oil is.

WILLIAMS: And when you came out of ocean you would be dripping oil.

Juan Williams is an idiot.

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