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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My New Favorite Title For Barack Obama: Neosoc

For years, during the Bush administration, I and others were referred to as neocons. Short for neoconservatives, or "new" conservatives, liberals meant it as a slur. I wore it as a badge of honor. And when I began referring to myself as a "neocon", socialists snickered that I must not know what it meant.

It is always funny to me how liberals think they are the only ones in on the joke. And that humor continues today. Liberals will bash any conservative that uses the word "socialist" in describing Barack Obama. They, again, snicker and tell conservatives that they are stupid and don't know what socialism is. Then they secretly high-five each other that there is a socialist in the White House.

So the question remains, is Obama a socialist? Well this question is the basis of a new article by Jonah Goldberg. Read it here:

Click here: What Kind of Socialist Is Barack Obama?

It is a well written piece, though I don't necessarily agree with all of the points in the article. Here is one piece I do not necessarily agree with:

Obama is no Marxist. This is a point lost on some who like to highlight the president’s indebtedness to the ideas of the late radical Saul Alinsky, who was no Marxist either. Rather, Alinsky was a radical leftist and a proponent of “social-ism” before Blair named it.

I disagree. At his core I believe Barack Obama is a Marxist. If he could turn America into a Marxist state he would. But Obama is pragmatic enough to realize that Marxism would never fly in America. Not without a bloody revolution, one that would have little chance of success. So instead he comes down a little more to the right of Marxism because of the limits our republic places on him.

This is a perfect description of the pragmatic Barack Obama:

Still, the question remains, What do we call Obama’s “social-ism”? John Judis’s formulation—“liberal socialism”—is perfectly serviceable, and so is “social democracy” or, for that matter, simply “progressivism.” My own, perhaps too playful, suggestion would be neosocialism.

I like that. Neosocialism. Neosoc for short. It also keeps in line with the way socialism and, eventually, communism come into being. Very infrequently do these ideas take root in a nation and just sprout and make that nation thus overnight. No, it is usually a slow march towards that. One industry, one business, one segment of the economy at a time. Until you wake up one morning and the government is not only your tax collector, but they are also the provider of your living, health care, pension, and everything. Cradle to grave, the nanny-state.

So the fact that Obama is not an outright Marxist makes him more dangerous. He got elected on the idea of bringing people together. The idea that he was liberal, or socialist, was scoffed at. He then got elected and became everything conservatives (or neocons!) had said he was. I still think deep down he wants to be the American Hugo Chavez.

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