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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Obama's Nuclear Handcuffing Of The U.S.

I have been trying to organize my thoughts on this issue so that I could post about it. Obama has rendered me speechless. That is no small feat. I don't know whether the guy hates his own country so much that he doesn't care about protecting it, or if he is just too stupid to understand what this move means.

I think it might be both. But I will say this: this new policy destroys completely any shred of respect that I may still have had for Obama. I have no respect for this man anymore. He is The Manchurian Candidate. Thank God he didn't come along during the height of the Cold War (though Jimmy Carter was close).

theblogprof has an excellent post up today on this subject:

Click here: theblogprof: Video of Charles Krauthammer: Obama's New Nuclear Policy "Is Either Insane or Ridiculous - I Can't Decide"

By the way, you have to love Charles Krauthammer. The guy is an extremely intelligent, insightful, and straight to the point commentator.

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