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Monday, May 31, 2010

Ahhh Yes, Just Another Argument For Home Schooling!

This is amazing. This is a bus driver. Not a teacher or administrator. This is someone that is paid minimal wages to transport children to and from school, not to bash the children over their religious views. Watch for yourself:

How the school district can claim that the bus driver was acting with in scope of her job is beyond me. This is so out of bounds for a school bus driver that it isn't even funny. But then that is my whole point when it comes to public schools, we have lost the vast majority of public education to the left. It is beginning to become unlawful to be a Christian at public school.

What these leftists fail to realize is that Christianity is part of who we are. We don't stop being a Christian when we go to school, work, etc.....

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1 comment:

timothymatters said...

Or another argument for Classical Christian Education.

The bus driver needs to be reminded that this country is founded upon religious freedom, not religious suppression.