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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Anti-Human "Science" From The United Nations

Click here for article: Third of plants and animals 'at risk of extinction'

Oh brother. Here we go again. I can't stand this chicken little stuff.

The world's biodiversity is threatened by the economic growth of countries like China, India and Brazil, the study will say.

While Western countries are increasingly aware of the need to protect endangered species, the developing world's appetite for raw materials is destroying vulnerable ecosystems, the report's authors will warn.

Population growth, pollution and the spread of Western-style consumption are also blamed for hitting plant and animal populations.

I remember when my brother and I were in junior high school. He came home one day talking about how one of his teachers was talking about the over population of our planet.

"He said in 30 years there will be houses where our front and back yards are now. Food will be so expensive that we will have to grow our own food to eat. And that clean water will become so scarce that we'll have to boil all of our eating and cooking water."

It was scary stuff. As 13 and 14 year-olds we were worried about our future.

It took about a decade for me to realize that this teacher was full of crap. Every generation has their chicken littles. In my parents day it was people preaching the coming nuclear holocaust. In my day it was teachers telling us that the earth's population was going to be so high that we'd have to colonize space. Today it is that we are releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere so fast that he earth is going to cook us all into a giant human bread.

All of these things are ridiculous. As is this report by the United Nations. It is as if the authors of this report had a meeting and said: "Let's brainstorm ideas on how we can scare as many people as we can with this report." They landed on the headline "Third of plants and animals 'at risk of extinction'". Thinking people, that remember these other predictions, will laugh at this, and the idiots that wrote it.

Unfortunately, the world is full of even bigger idiots. These people will fall for this garbage hook, line, and sinker. That is why these chicken little predictions are so insidious. Now people will start calling for population controls, more draconian environmental laws, and limits on consumption.

In the meantime, fat-cats like Algore will continue to get fatter off the proceeds of this rhetoric. He might even go out and buy another huge house that consumes more energy than most small cities.

In the end these reports are all the same: humans bad. Sorry, but I am proud to be the premier species on this planet. I am proud that in the battle of survival of the fittest we are the most fit. I am proud that when it comes to problems of species, we are able to solve our species' problems better than any other species.

God made this world for us. While we need to be good stewards we still need to remember that this world is here for us. Framed in that way the outlook on our world changes quite a bit from the outlook chicken littles like these authors would have us to hold. And idiots like Algore.

So hug your kids, not a tree.

This book is worth a read: "The Chicken Little Agenda: Debunking "Experts" Lies"

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