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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Article Perfectly, But Unintentionally, Shows Difference Between Conservatives and Liberals


First read the article:

Click here: Two Controversial Incumbents Enjoy Job Security Amid Anti-Washington Wave

Joe Wilson, the South Carolina congressman best known for shouting "You lie!" at the president, and Pete Stark, the combative California congressman who told a town hall constituent he wouldn't waste his urine on him, are expected to cruise to victory on Tuesday.

This perfectly sums up the difference between conservatives and liberals. Notice Wilson called out a lie by Obama; he was simply voicing the opinions of his constituents. Stark told a constituent that the constituent wasn't worth urine.

While Wilson was representing his voting public, Stark was telling his voting public that politics was more important to him than what they wanted. It is amazing to me that these two things could be compared. Wilson was right. Stark was wrong. Yet Stark's socialistic, far left-wing whacko district is supporting someone that basically said he was above one of his voters.

Wilson is popular for simply telling the truth. Obama did lie when he said that Obamacare, at the time, didn't provide health care to illegal immigrants. In fact, the Democratic congress put an amendment in to fix it AFTER Wilson's remark.

So this unintentionally shows the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives stand for the truth. Liberals think they are better than those that disagree with them.

If you can't see this difference, then you are probably the latter as opposed to the former.

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