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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sickening New Tactics By Paypal Against Conservative Sites

H/T: Left Coast Rebel

Here is the story: Paypal Cuts Off Atlas: Truth is the New Hate Speech

UPDATE: Oh, the irony. Atlas reader Jon pints out that the inciters to violence and Jewish genocide, Revolution Muslim, has a paypal button. Got that?

Islam in Action has the videos of their calls to jihad slaughter. And this, too. Nice work, paypal.

UPDATE: McCain over at the Spectator: Targets Conservative Blog as 'Hate' Site and here too.

Disgusting. Once I heard this I fired off this email to Paypal:
It has come to my attention that you folks are targeting conservative sites that use your services for donations, yet allow terrorism connected Muslim sites to continue to use your services. This can be found at one of the targeted conservative sites:

This is sickening. If you do not cease and desist, I will be closing my paypal account, which has always been in good standing, and I will be taking my business to gpay. I am tired of these kinds of politically correct tactics by corporations that think they have us by the throat.

I will also make sure no one else I know uses Paypal for this same reason.

Thank you for your attention.

I recommend everyone that feels the way I do cancel their Paypal account. Move to GPay instead:

Time to make these out of control companies, like Paypal, pay (pun intended) for their actions.

UPDATE: Paypal responds:

Thank you for contacting PayPal.

I understand your concern and I appreciate your sentiments. I can assure
you that we check and review every account but as of now we cannot give
out the status of the review due to our "policy and security". We want
the best for our members that’s the reason why we do this kind of review
on every account. As of now, you may contact the owner of the website to
know the status of her account.

We hope you understand our situation and thank you for your patience.
We're available to answer any questions you might have. Just give us a
call at 1-888-221-1161 and we will try our best to give you immediate
answers. We appreciate your business

Consumer Support
PayPal, an eBay Company

Got more questions? You'll find answers at our improved help center.
Click "Help" on the top right corner of any PayPal page to get started
or you can visit

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