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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Grow Weary Of Immigration Protesters

It sickens me to watch the people protesting illegal immigration crackdowns, like the Arizona law that has caused so much controversy. I also am growing tired of the calls of racism by those that disagree with the law. To me, as with many, it is a pretty clear issue.

If you are in this country illegally you are breaking the law and need to be deported. Period, end of discussion.

No one is against legal immigration, and I in fact know some people that are legal immigrants. Even some in my own family. They are here, abiding by the law, doing what they are required to do to take up legal residence here, or citizenship. That is great, perfect even.

But how anyone can defend those that gain illegal access to our country, or that out stay their visas, is beyond me. Further, that those people could stage protests against laws and measures to send illegal immigrants packing is even more unbelievable.

Now there is a story that immigration protesters jumped on to the field during a Mets game in New York, and ran around unfurling Mexican flags. Note to NYPD: the first thing you should do is verify their status in this country.

Dear illegals, stop breaking the law. Leave our country and apply for admittance through the proper channels. Dear law enforcement, please verify the status of anyone that seems suspicious of being in our country illegally. Dear legal immigrants, please come out against illegal immigration as it is no fair to those of you that did it properly.

And to the protesters, I only have one thing to say: GET A LIFE.

Some moron with a Mexican flag runs around on the field during a New York Mets game.

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daniel noe said...

Half of the protesters we see are hired hands anyways.