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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Larry Hagman: Not A Real Oil Man, Just Plays One On TV

Larry Hagman is an idiot.

There I said it.

First the story:

Click here for story: Larry Hagman of 'Dallas' fame becomes the new face of SolarWorld

Now for a picture. Does this guy's eyebrows make him look like Satan or what?

So what makes Hagman an idiot? Well apparently his new gig is pitching solar panels. And in doing so he came up with this brilliant (sarcasm) statement:
"'Shine, baby, shine' is an inexhaustible source of energy," said Hagman, who plans to address the Intersolar trade show today in San Francisco. "When affordable oil gives out, we're in real trouble -- I mean the collapse of civilization, within 15 to 20 years."
For years now people with an agenda have been preaching the end to oil. They argue that we are using it all up and that there isn't enough to last. Notice: people with an agenda are the ones preaching this.

Whether that agenda is one of socialism (we want to control your behavior), extreme environmentalism (we need to control your behavior), or good old-fashioned sales (we are going to scare you into buying our products), this "we are running out of oil" chicken little speak has been going on for years.

Hagman looks especially foolish considering the sheer amount of oil, from a single well, being pumped into the Gulf of Mexico. Even a conspiracy-loving, "we are all going to die!" Democrat I work with admitted, based on what she was seeing in the Gulf, that either there is more oil than we thought or that the earth somehow produces it.

In fact, she came up with a great quote! She said: "Supposedly oil is decomposed dinosaur bones? Well how did they get that far down into the earth?" Great question, all be it from a very unlikely source!

The fact is Hagman doesn't know, nor does anyone else know, whether we have enough oil for 10 years (we probably have at least that much in reserves alone), or whether we have enough for the next 1000 years. To try to scare people into buying his solar products is ridiculous. Of course, unless he said something stupid like this it wouldn't have wound up all over the media. He had to say the ludicrous to get the most bang for his media dollar.

Now if he would just trim those eyebrows......

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