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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Long BP, We Hardly Knew You

One of the best ways to destroy something is to turn the purse strings of said thing over to Barack Hussein Obama.

Just look what he has done to the United States in a year and a half. A $2 trillion dollar deficit by spending like there is no tomorrow.

By the way, a quick side note: I almost threw up in my mouth the other day when I over heard Obama saying something about "the previous administration took a surplus and turned it into a huge deficit". Granted Bush did leave office with a $200 billion deficit, but that is a 1/10th the ridiculous spending that Obama has engaged in. For him to use this language after what he has done is evil and hypocritical. Yes, I believe Obama is evil and is a hypocrite.

Back to this story. Now he is set to bankrupt a foreign corporation over which he has no jurisdiction.

Click here: U.S. Drills Deep Into BP as Drama Drags On
NEW ORLEANS — Bob Dudley, BP's lead executive
in the Gulf of Mexico, spotted his U.S. government counterpart, retired Adm. Thad Allen, at the New Orleans hotel where both were staying earlier this month. Wanting to say good night after a long day, Dudley instead got fresh orders.

Adm. Allen said the government wanted BP to pay for community representatives in states affected by the oil-well blowout. "What does that mean?" Dudley asked. "I'm reluctant to agree without understanding what you are asking us to do." On Tuesday, the government ordered BP to set up such teams, which are designed to handle local concerns.

Another day, another directive. The Obama administration now is controlling BP's checkbook and resources in the Gulf as the two sides respond to the disaster, from use of oil-busting dispersants to the language of announcements.

BP managers say they frequently hear that "Potus has ordered" such and such, "Potus" being Washington shorthand for "president of the United States." A few weeks ago, BP's coordinator of oil-containment booms got a call from an official flying on Air Force One about where to send 80,000 feet of the barriers.

On a smaller scale, BP just received a $75,000 non-itemized bill for a one-day visit by Vice President Joe Biden to the New Orleans crisis center.

"We effectively work for the government here," BP's Dudley says.

So Obama is now set to do to BP what he did to the United States. Take a disaster and use it as an excuse to spend someone else's money. Granted, BP should be on the hook for this, but does the president really have the authority to tell a British corporation on what and where it has to spend its money? Shouldn't he be worrying about our soldier dying in Afghanistan, or the threat that Iran and North Korea continue to pose?

No instead he is micromanaging an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In the meantime foreclosures continue to grow, the economy continues to languish, and his own party is facing their demise come November.

I am beginning to think Obama was the right man at the right time. He was the right man to get this country to look at itself and realize that he and his party represent all that is wrong in our nation today. Come November, when we see the senate's majority widdled down, and the house of representatives fall to the Republicans.

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