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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Barack Hussein Obama Is An AINO

AINO. Pronounced "ain't no" without the T.

American In Name Only

That acronym epitomizes Barack Hussein Obama.

As bad as I could have imagined his administration to be, it is worse. Bowing to foreign leaders, government takeovers of private industry. Socialized health care. Calling cops "stupid". Apologizing for American policy. Nominating far left-wing whackos to the Supreme Court. Endorsing building of mosques near Ground Zero.

There were those of us that spoke out loudly about his ties to radicals. "Reverend" Wright. William Ayers. Michelle Obama.

Yes, I said Michelle is a radical. Why, you ask? Statements like these:
  • "For the first time, I am really proud of my country."
  • "America is a mean country."
Definitely radical in my book. These people seem to really dislike America. Which isn't really surprising. Lots of liberals dislike America.

I worked with an extremely liberal guy several years ago, he was from Wisconsin, that didn't even cheer for the United States in the Olympics. "We think we are the best at all of the sports!", he would say gruffly. I looked at him and say: "That's because we are!"

I didn't understand how a red-blooded American could cheer against his own country in the Olympics. And he was serious about it too. He didn't just mildly hope we lost, he rooted for the U.S. to come in last. If we had a high profile athlete in a given sport he was even more vitriolic.

This is how liberals think. This is why liberals in the 1950s sided with Communism. It is why liberals today side with Islam. It is why liberals today love France. Anything that is viewed as anti-American is tops in their eyes.

AINOs. Not real Americans, just Americans in name. And we, as a nation, elected an AINO to the office of president. Elections have consequences, and we are paying the price for that mistake now.

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Dan said...

Why does a person born in America hate it so much while others are dying to get here? In my church there are many refugees from war torn parts of Africa. They love this country. I have been to many of their naturalization ceremonies, and I must say it is an eye opening event.

They, having experience something less than non-stop luxury and security, see these people for what they are, narrow minded, self loathing spoiled brats.