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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Detroit News Continues Misinformation Campaign Over Stem Cell Research

The MainStream Media have been on a misinformation campaign over stem cell research ever since George W. Bush shut down new lines of EMBRYONIC stem cells for research.

Their tactics are:
  • If adult stem cells are used for a breakthrough, be sure not to distinguish that, just say "stem cell breakthrough!"
  • If embryonic stem cells are used for a breakthrough, be sure to bold, italic, and increase the size of the word EMBRYONIC to trumpet the breakthrough
  • When dealing with rulings or controversies around embryonic stem cell research, report merely as stem cell research (don't denote it) to confuse people over stem cell research
  • Never, ever point out that the real breakthroughs have occurred using adult (non-embryonic) stem cells
  • Confuse, distort, and continue to blur the embryonic and adult stem cell lines, unless not doing so is beneficial to embryonic stem cell research
The latest example of this misinformation campaign comes courtesy of the Detroit News. In their top stories area on the front page of their website, they had the following:

Obama stem cell regulations temporarily blocked

The Obama administration's expansion of stem cell research has suffered a significant setback with a judge's ruling that blocks important work on treating life-threatening conditions. - 11:07 am
  • They never mention that the ruling is on EMBRYONIC stem cell research, letting the reader of this snippet think that the ruling shut down all stem cell research
  • The last line "a judge's ruling that blocks important work on treating life-threatening conditions" is a blatant attempt at generating outrage. "HOW COULD THEY SHUT DOWN LIFE SAVING WORK?"
  • They are quick to point out that the ruling "temporarily" blocks the expansion of stem cell (actually embryonic) research, however it then goes on to call it "a significant setback". This show their hand, that they want the reader to think there is still hope, but use the term "significant setback" to make sure the reader is properly outraged
The actual article points out more details, but the News is hoping you'll read their little biased snippet and run off half-cocked about how right-to-lifers hate all stem cell research. Not true. We support adult stem cell research because: a) nobody dies to donate the cells, and b) the real breakthroughs in treatment have all been from adult stem cells. That latter part is true not only in the United States, but also in other countries that have allowed embryonic stem cell research unfettered!

The MSM doesn't want you know all of this though. They'd rather you think that conservatives just are totally opposed to stem cell research, period. Get informed and fight the insanity.

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