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Monday, August 23, 2010

Hollywood Liberal Idiocy Run Amok

Brad Pitt is an idiot. And such an idiot that he doesn't even warrant a full blown "Brad Pitt Is An Idiot" post on this blog. Look at this:

Click here: Brad Pitt: I'd Reconsider My Views on Death Penalty Due to BP Oil Spill

Wow. Just wow. So he is against someone getting the death penalty for raping and murdering children, but for it if someone is responsible for an oil spill in the Gulf. Of course, he is a little less idiotic considering the initial accident caused some deaths, but last I checked the death penalty wasn't applicable to accidental deaths.

I think Pitt is just upset that his career has essentially been given the death penalty.........

 Captain Caveman is upset with BP, but he should be upset with his recent Hollywood flops.

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