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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Have Read The Transcript Of Dr. Laura Saying The N-Word. And That Is All She Did.

She said it. The n-word. And that is all she did. She didn't use it in a derogatory manner. She didn't call anybody the word. She didn't even utter it as an epitaph in any way. She merely said that black comedians say the word all the time. She merely said if you turn on HBO you hear the word, and then she said it.

Okay, maybe she shouldn't have said it. She went on later to make the point that people are hypersensitive. Knowing that she should have said "n-word" and not the actual n-word. But she did.

If you haven't heard it or read it, here is a transcript:

What did Dr. Laura say on-air?

Her overall point was a good one: not everything that is said about race is racist. Also, just because someone feels that something is racist doesn't make it racist. However, I agree with her apology. Her point was lost because she dared to say the n-word.

I would have been unhappy if I had been listening with my daughter. If I was in the car, turned to her show and heard that word I would have been unhappy. Just like I am unhappy when I hear black people say the word around kids. How can we teach our kids that the word is wrong if they hear it all the time?

So she was guilty of poor judgment. Nothing more. She wasn't being racist. She isn't racist. And she shouldn't be removed from the air or boycotted by advertisers. If you think she should, or if you will stop listening to her show, or if you are an advertiser that pulls your ads, then you are guilty of the exact type of thing she was talking about.

As for Jade, the caller. I think we have a plant here folks. I think Jade was a plant to try to trip up Dr. Laura and get her in trouble. Some of the things Jade said "I hope everyone heard it" tip me off to the fact that Jade wasn't really who she said she was. That Jade was someone calling with an issue she knew might get Dr. Laura to say something others found objectionable. That Jade is a plant is unconscionable. That Dr. Laura took the bait is unfortunate.


KCMommy2Twins said...

Great Comments... I agree.. I hate to see her go!!

Anonymous said...

I think you have totally missed the point of Jade's call. She was offended by comments made by her husband and his friends. Comments that she deemed racist. So why would Dr Laura think that this woman would be ok with her saying the "n word"? Many, many black people are offended by this word and do not use it. So what if it's used on tv and by rappers. That doesn't mean that the rest of society accepts it. It's used by these individuals for shock value, to say that they are not part of the "establishment". Dr Laura should have known better. And no, I don't believe Jade was a plant.

LoneWolfArcher said...

A) I clearly said she shouldn't have said it.

B) You missed the point that regardless of whether she should have or not, in the context of the call it in no way made her racist.

C) You are entitled to your opinion. I think by Jade saying "I hope everyone heard you say it" that Jade was indeed a plant. Plants call into conservative talk radio shows all the time because they can't beat conservative talk radio with liberal talk radio.

D) I am tired of anonymous commenters. I will not be approving any more anonymous commenters on this blog after yours.