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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New York Officials Say Yes To Ground Zero Mosque, No To Rebuilding Of Church Destroyed There!!

Further proof that politics are at play in the building of the mosque near Ground Zero. Now we find out that a church that already stood down there, that was destroyed the day the WTC collapsed, won't be allowed to rebuild.

Click here: Decision Not to Rebuild Church Destroyed on 9/11 Surprises Greek Orthodox Leaders

Apparently freedom of religious expression can be picked and chosen. Yes to a mosque. No to a pre-existing church.

Where are all the lefties at, and why are they not howling about the injustice of this? They are so defensive of the mosque going up, but mum on the issue of this church? I mean I know lefties hate Christianity, and the expression of it, but this is blatantly obvious. And yet they are unabashed in their behavior.


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