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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Remember The Call To Boycott Arizona Over Immigration?

I believe New York City was one of the municipalities that wanted to boycott Arizona over their immigration law. You know, the  law that merely mimicked and enforced U.S. federal statutues?

Well, New York's council and mayor continue to push forward the plan to allow a mosque to be built near Ground Zero in lower-Manhattan. A plan that has raised an outcry of protest from New Yorkers, and Americans around the country alike. Even 0bama weighed in favor of the mosque Friday night (before saying he hadn't weighed in favor of it the very next day).

Well, I think the solution is simple. Take a cue from New York City themselves. If they go forward with the mosque near Ground Zero then real Americans should boycott NYC. Don't visit. Don't do business with. Etc. The same boycott they waged against Arizona should be waged against NYC.

New York has the opportunity to do the right thing here. If they choose not to then they should face the consequences.

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