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Thursday, August 05, 2010

This Probably Goes With Out Saying: I Can't Stand PETA

One organization that I have zero respect for is PETA. Well PETA is at it again. A former American Idol contestant recently began a new reality series on Versus. Here is the premise:
“Goin Country,” which began its eight episode run this weekend, follows the singer trying to land a record deal as she participates in hunts across the country.
So, of course, PETA had to weigh in:

Click here for story: EXCLUSIVE: PETA Takes Aim at Kristy Lee Cook's Hunting Show, And She Fires Back
From PETA: “Instead of angering thousands of would-be fans by killing helpless animals on camera in attempt to get her '15 Minutes of Shame,' Kristy Lee Cook's fame crusade would be better served by following in the footsteps of fellow Idol alum-turned-country-stars Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler—as well as Simon Cowell—all of whom have used their fame and talent to speak up for animals.”
From Cook: "Given that hunters have done more for American wildlife conservation than any other group in history, I make no apology for being one," Cook told "Indeed, I join the ranks of millions of American hunters who celebrate our outdoor heritage and who conserve millions of acres of wild lands. These same people support more than 600,000 jobs across the country and provide a critical voice to encourage more investment in American conservation."
To her response I say: AMEN!

Further, no one cares what PETA says. The vast majority of Americans eat meat. A majority understand the necessity of hunting, and that it is actually good for the wild animal numbers and overall health. Of course, they don't care. They treat animals on equal footing as, or even slightly above, humans.

Carrie Underwood is a perfect example of an animal rights nut. How she could get so militaristic in her anti-meat views coming from her background is beyond me.

I think I'll have veal for lunch. With foie gras as an appetizer. And I'll do it while listening to Carrie Underwood. Carrie, I am eating meat, harvested in a controversial manner, all in your honor! You're welcome!

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daniel noe said...

I actually sympathize with animals and animal-lovers a lot, but what I don't understand is why these "animal-rights" types spend so much time focusing only on one predator: Homo sapiens. What about whales, lions, tigers, bears, snakes, crocodiles, and squid? Where's the consistency? Humans are among the most humane and responsible killers.