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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Burning Qurans Is Good For Warmth

There has been a lot of chatter recently about a Florida church's plans to burn Qurans in effigy on the anniversary of September 11th. Apparently, you can burn Bibles, and deface Christian religious symbols, but suggest burning a Quran and suddenly you are "putting our troops and Americans overseas at risk!". Please.

I have been vocal in my admiration for Michael Medved, the Jewish, conservative, political radio talk-show host. But I don't always agree with Medved. For instance, a while back he voiced opposition to the Arizona immigration law because it would cause "a Latino voter backlash" against Republicans. Disappointing because Medved rarely argues for doing things out of political expediency, and because he is a big fan of polls. And all of the polls suggest overwhelming support for the Arizona immigration law.

Well on the issue of this proposed Quran burning I also take umbrage with Medved. He agreed with General Patraeus, that if this church carried through with the burning of Qurans on Sept. 11, 2010, that it would put our troops in harms way. I agree with that assessment. Where I part with Medved and the good General is that it is therefore a bad idea to go through with the Quran burnings.

Am I advocating for putting our troops at further peril? Of course not. But what a cowardly outlook to have. I am sorry but it occurs to me that when we start making decisions about what we do or support based on whether or not it will incite Islamic terrorists to blow things, and people, up, then they the terrorists have won. I refuse to let them win. For years U.S. policy has been to not negotiate with terrorists. Suggesting we lay down rights and tread lightly around certain issues or it will incite Islamic terrorists is akin to negotiating with those terrorists.

Just like getting on an airplane in the weeks following 9/11 was a statement that we were not going to bow to Islamic terrorism, so too should our outlook be at the issue of burning Qurans. Burning Qurans, making political cartoons with Muhammad in them, and other anti-Islamic gestures incite Muslims to riot. It incites Islamic terrorists to plan attacks. It causes Islamic backlash against the U.S. and our allies. But you know what? If we allow that to keep us from making those gestures then the terrorists have won.

Islam is not a religion of peace. I've blogged on that topic now for a while. Any of the former Islamic fundamentalists that have reformed and left that erroneous faith will tell you that mainstream Islam is the same Islam that advocates for the killing of innocents, and practicing terroristic acts as a way to secure a life of paradise with dozens of virgins.

So I reject the notion that this church should cancel their Quran burning to avoid inciting the terrorists. After all, the terrorists hate us and want to blow us up anyway! Cowtowing to them has never worked, will never work, and shouldn't even be done if it did work because of what I already stated above.

However, I do urge this church in Florida to reconsider. Not because we are afraid of Islamic retaliation. Not because terrorism will ensue. Not because the Quran is a holy book, because it is not! But because Jesus wouldn't advocate this. He would not want us to burn Qurans as a way to offend people, even anti-Christians like Muslims.

No, Christ would want us to practice Christianity. He would want us to fight their terrorism with kindness. He would want us to live in such a way that the Muslims would say "Hmmmm, there is something about those Christians that makes sense. Maybe they do have the truth."

So let's cancel the Quran burning, not because we are afraid, but because the love of the Savior is in us.

Oh, and I urge everyone reading this to throw a Quran into your own fireplace. Burn it in private to remove a book of false doctrine from the world, not in public just for show. Plus, it will heat your home!

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