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Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Discovery Gunman: Why?

Now that James Lee is dead, of course the next thing to do is figure out why he took the actions that he did. The mainstream media, on top of denying that he was motivated by a left-wing ideology, will misdiagnose the skewed-thinking that caused Lee to take such extreme actions.

From a more lucid point-of-view it is easy to see why Lee took the actions he did. After all his world view allowed for taking this action, and even justified it. Here are the main points from that view:
  • Since the earth is the top priority, any action leading to its betterment is appropriate
  • Since the earth is a physical world, and there is no spiritual world, there are no eternal consequences for taking extreme action
  • Since humans were the results of the earth, then humans have a bigger responsibility to the earth than to anything else
  • Earth is more important than human-life
  • Human-life is not only not important, but is the problem
  • Ending of human-life is a net gain for the earth
Based on this world view, Lee's actions are not all that extreme. After all, in his estimation he was taking steps to improve the health of the earth. Since the earth is all there is, there is no afterlife to worry about. Since human-life is so expendable, using human-life as a means to an end is not only acceptable, but desirable.

Lee saw no downside to his actions. In fact, he would have been upset, prior to entering the afterlife and discovering that he was dead wrong, that his life would was ended before taking others' lives with him. If Lee could have died and taken as many "evil" humans as possible with him, that is what he would have wanted to do.

That he will now face judgment for his actions, before the Creator of the earth he loved so much, is a huge surprise for Lee. While it isn't a happy thought for anyone to go into eternity lost, it was probably the only way Lee would ever have seen that he is wrong.

The most dangerous people are those that do not believe in an afterlife in general, and a hell in particular. Not having a fear of facing punishment for their actions at the end of their life allows them to be capable of nearly anything. That is a scary thing for the rest of us that are right-thinking.

James J Lee is now having to answer to a Creator he didn't believe existed!

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