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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Michelle Obama Is An Idiot

Okay, it is probably no surprise that I think Michelle Obama is an idiot. I disagree with her on almost every single issue, and she has never apologized for calling America a "mean country". Nor for implying she had never been proud of her country until her husband stole the nomination from Hillary.

Then she was put in charge of this campaign to improve the health of the youth of our nation. A noble cause, no doubt, but one that is misguided because in the end it is parents that decide what their child gets to eat, or not eat.

For instance, my daughter gets little to no soda. Occasionally I will allow her to have some soda on special occasions, but we are talking once or twice a year. At her grandparent's house I believe she gets it a little more often but what is a father to do?

At home we eat a lot of vegetables, and she has to have a serving of vegetables at dinner. She puts up a fight now and again but she realizes she has to do it. I know I fought my parents about eating vegetables but now that I am an adult I love vegetables, and eat as many of them as I can. She also has to drink milk with every meal.

I know a lot of parents that do not make their children eat vegetables. They allow their children to drink as much soda as they'd like. Their kids are not only eating things that are not good for them, but they are missing out on the nutrition of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. Sorry M.O., but you aren't going to change these parents with your little campaign.

And then there is this:

Click here for story: First lady asks restaurants to serve healthy foods

As with almost every one of the Obamas' endeavors, they go about things all wrong. Michelle asks restaurants to serve healthy food? Okay so restaurants start serving healthier food, what if no one orders it? The Obamas think you can just give people the choice and they will make the choice they want them to make.

NEWSFLASH: People order french-fries not because there are not healthier options, but because people want french-fries!!

Doesn't she get it? I mean the left always preaches: "you can't legislate morality". That may or may not be true but one adage that is as true as the day is long is: "you can't legislate healthy eating". You can't do it! People will eat what they want. You could make every restaurant in the world stop serving french-fries, people would make them at home. You could make cooking oil illegal, people will find a way to produce their own cooking oil and make french-fries.

Dear Michelle, concentrate on informing people, don't take their options away. Don't try to force people into how you want them to live. I know that is counter to how you and your husband think, but the idea of freedom is that we get to choose. The more you try to force people into a behavior the more they will resist changing to that behavior. You have two daughters, don't you understand that concept?


daniel noe said...

I couldn't have said it better. Education is key.

I can't even afford to eat out that often, so when I do, I expect to have french fries! And soda! And salt! And donuts! I intend on eating as unhealthy as possible.

For those who can't afford to take a trip to Spain and go golfing all the time, eating at restaurants is already a rare thing.

Michelle can have my french fries when she pries them out of my cold, dead, greasy fingers.

P.S. As I wrote this, I realized that this was actually my position ten years ago. Now I am a bit better off - and I work in food service, so it is convenient (and free) to just eat there. Still, my statements must apply to somebody.

daniel noe said...

I got a weird error trying to post my last comment; I'm not sure if it went through.

It was rather long, but the summary of it was that Michelle could have my french fries when she pried them from my cold, dead, greasy fingers.

Anonymous said...

Um Ok so now LOL we have a first lady, um OK whom has no direction other than to go party and eat like a pig, yet chasyise the Americans that feed her. GOOD BY OBAMAS and I am tired of paying for your vacations and foods. Dont tell me how to eat!

Anonymous said...

Typical web site, will not allow you to post anything against the Great Obama's

LoneWolfArcher said...

Sorry for the moderation, but I won't allow any vulgar language, so I have to filter. But your comment has been posted. :)

lee woo said...
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lee woo said...
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