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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The O'Donnell Factor: Republicans Take Note!

Christine O'Donnell's win last night sends a huge message. Not just to Obama. Not just to Democrats. But to the Republican establishment as well.

The more I learned about Mike Castle the more upset I got. Here we have a big government (pro-cap and trade), anti-gun, pro-abortion RINO, and the GOP backed this candidate. Is the GOP really surprised that their base rejected this candidate? I don't understand the RNC and the NRSC constantly pushing these liberal Republicans for Senate.

Did they not learn from Arlen Specter? An isolated example you scoff? Okay, what about Jim Jeffords? Electing these Democrats in sheep's clothing does nothing to promote conservative ideals.

Your 1 or 2 vote majority means nothing if you have a left-leaning Republican senators that are ready to jump to the other side at the first good opportunity. Or that vote with the Democrats the majority of the time. Or that support the things that the Republican-base is against.

And this is what this is really about: the base. While the RNC and NRSC were backing Castle, the Republican-base was rallying around O'Donnell. The base is tired of business-as-usual Washington politics. Castle represented that. The base no longer wants to play the "nominate a liberal Republican because they have the best shot of election" game. We've tried that, it didn't work. Insanity is defined as trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. The Republican establishment has become insane.

The problem is that the GOP has felt it always needed to move to middle to come to power. They made that mistake again in 2006 trying to remain in power. As I said then, and will reiterate here, you do not win by moving to the left. The Democrats will not vote Republican just because there is a left-leaning Republican, and nominating RINOs alienates your conservative base. The results from 2006, and 2008 were predictable.

The energized conservative base is why the Republicans stand to make gains this November. But nominating people like Castle will cause a backlash against the GOP. That is why the attitude of people like Karl Rove, Michael Medved, and Dana Perino, all people I admire, is so frustrating. They are in "win at any cost" mode. The conservative base is not. The base wants the most conservative candidate, period.

I watched in disgust last night as Rove launched into a litany of thinly-veiled attacks on O'Donnell. Had this woman not just won the party's nomination? How about getting behind the candidate and propelling her to victory? Rove sounded like a child that hadn't got his way last night, not the strategist that drove the 2000-2004 Republican elections. Can't he see that the base is fed up with candidates like Specter, Jeffords, and Castle?

Also, let me remind these "O'Donnell can't win that seat" scoffers that the same things were said earlier this year about Scott Brown. Brown embraced the anti-establishment, anti-big government movement and swept to a win in Edward Kennedy's old senate seat. Amazing. Yet the GOP continue to think that O'Donnell is unelectable. That is hogwash.

In the meantime she beat the GOP-backed candidate. If Castle couldn't beat O'Donnell in the primary, how do they think he could get elected in November? To me the real unelectable candidate here was Mike Castle.

And the announcement by the NRSC last night that they are not going to help O'Donnell in the general election puts the Republican Party at a crossroads. The Republican Party could end up being the dead party so many proclaimed it late in 2008. Not because the country has moved to the left, but because the country has moved to the right! Obama has energized the silent majority in this country, and the Republicans can either embrace that and come back to core conservative principles, or get left behind to sit somewhere between the far-left Democratic party, and the new Tea Party movement.

Bottom line is that the Republicans can either ride the coming tidal wave, or get crushed underneath it along with the Democrats. To conservatives like this writer I really don't care either way anymore. As long as this country is taken back to where it belongs I don't care if that is with or against the Republican party.

I urge conservatives to pull your funding from the RNC and instead support individual candidates. When you come to a Mike Castle like Republican nominee, move on. It is time to let the GOP know that we are serious about returning to conservative ideals.


4simpsons said...

Excellent points, Steven! When will they learn?

daniel noe said...

Well said. These points should be condensed into a short Ad and run all over the country.

RINOs will either lose support of the base, destroy the party from the inside, or simply switch parties! It's better to support a DINO.