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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Liberals Don't Want To Just Take Your Money, They Want To Tell You What To Eat Too

Liberals hate freedom. At least that sure seems to be the case. We know that if Obama and his ilk got their way we would have a socialist, nanny state. The government would "provide" everything we need, own all business, tell you what you are going to do for a living, tell you how and what to worship, and what you are allowed to eat.

Here are a couple of items related to this:

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So what is at play here, really? Usually with liberals there is a hidden agenda. They'll go after something, under the guise of "the common good", when really they are out to accomplish something entirely different.

After all, do liberals really care about other people's children? These are the same liberals that will fight to the death to allow parents to have their children torn asunder in the womb and sucked into a sink. But if those parents allow their child to eat unhealthy food after birth, then they are concerned for the child's safety? Typical liberal logic.

No the real root of this issue can be traced to entirely different efforts: animal rights and environmentalism. I remember in the early 1990s when McDonalds came out with the Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese. (Excellent eating by the way if you've never had one!) Animal rights groups screamed bloody murder, literally. "This is going to cause more innocent cattle to be slaughtered for the evil cause of food!"

Environmentalists were equally upset. Their argument was more cattle consumption meant more cattle production. Which would lead to a bigger environmental footprint, and more cow farts. Cow farts have been a major point of contention with environmentalists. They believe that the methane produced from cow farts causes global warming. Here this whole time I thought they just hated fossil fuels!

You can be sure that protecting children from the evils of french fries is not the reason for this latest effort by liberals. We know that they hate children because they want them killed in the womb. Their love for the earth and animals is what is driving this. On that you can be sure.

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daniel noe said...

This is all speculation. Does anybody know how liberals really think?