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Monday, May 31, 2010

Ahhh Yes, Just Another Argument For Home Schooling!

This is amazing. This is a bus driver. Not a teacher or administrator. This is someone that is paid minimal wages to transport children to and from school, not to bash the children over their religious views. Watch for yourself:

How the school district can claim that the bus driver was acting with in scope of her job is beyond me. This is so out of bounds for a school bus driver that it isn't even funny. But then that is my whole point when it comes to public schools, we have lost the vast majority of public education to the left. It is beginning to become unlawful to be a Christian at public school.

What these leftists fail to realize is that Christianity is part of who we are. We don't stop being a Christian when we go to school, work, etc.....

HAT TIP: theblogprof

Friday, May 28, 2010

Quote Of The Day

"Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Barack Obama loses his."

-Lifted, and edited slightly from Ronald Reagan, who said the same in 1980 about Jimmy Carter

Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama's True Colors: One World Vision

Sickening. That quote actually makes me ill. We ARE defined by our borders. It is called sovereignty. That is what Americans have fought and died for over the course of the last 250 years.

That Obama sees no borders proves that this guy was the wrong choice for America. Maybe after all of this some would have still voted for him. I can't imagine a majority of Americans supporting someone for president that has the views he has.

We need someone that is rooted in American ideals. That hold to the principles that make this nation different from the rest of the world, and great. Obama has proven to be a miserable failure along those lines. I would support impeachment, but we should at least make sure he is voted out in 2012.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Michael Medved's "The 5 Big Lies About American Business"

I have voiced my admiration for Michael Medved before on this blog. He has a new book out, "The 5 Big Lies About American Business". Michael is an intelligent, well spoken, knowledgeable, and wise political pundit. I don't agree with Michael on every point he makes, but I do agree with him 95% of the time.

And when it comes to his thoughts on American business, he is dead on.

Here is a great video related to his new book:

My favorite quote in this video:
If you believe that when the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, then you believe that creating wealth causes poverty.'re an idiot.

LOL That is awesome. He then goes on to explain why that belief is idiotic.

Watch the video. Buy the book. Read it. DO IT NOW!

Eric Holder Refuses To Say Radical Islam Causes Terrorism

This upsets me beyond belief. That this guy is in charge of prosecuting the Jihadist terrorists that would and have killed Americans is too troubling to put into words. Obama should remove him just for this exchange:

Is it so hard to say that the vast majority of terrorism is motivated by radical Islam? That 99 out of 100 times a terrorist attack is perpetrated, or attempted, it is by a fanatic Islamo-Jihadist? Does Holder have his head buried so far into the sand that he can't, or more likely, won't see that?

Holder must go. And if Obama refused to do it then he must go too.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Religion Of Peace On Display Again

One of the things President George W. Bush said that I do not agree with was that Islam is a religion of peace. He said this in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Obviously he was trying to stem the tide of anti-Islamic thought that was pervasive in Americans after those attacks.

The fact is that he is wrong.

Watch this chilling exchange between David Horowitz, and a member the Muslim Student Association at the University of California San Diego. This is chilling.

Note, this is not in the Middle East. This is not someone that is at a rally or protest. This is a student at an American university. And she is openly admitting that she supports the rounding up and murdering of people based on religious differences.

Imagine a Jew or Christian in a Middle Eastern country publicly condemning, let alone supporting the killing of, Muslims. They'd be beheaded. Yet we allow these people to live among us. See the difference between us and them?

Islam, a religion of peace? MY FOOT!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Does The Bible Contradict Itself?

The folks over at Apologetics Press do some great work. Besides providing scientific explanations for the intelligence seen in God's creation, they've also got a section dedicated to dispelling the notion that the Bible, God's Word, contains discrepancies. They explain it best:
Of all the challenges to a Christian’s faith, surely one of the most troubling in this day and age is skepticism's charge that the Bible is filled with various discrepancies and contradictions. If true, such a charge (which is occurring with increasing frequency) certainly would serve to negate the inerrancy and inspiration of God's Word. It is a simple matter for an unbeliever to hurl a barrage of alleged discrepancies and/or contradictions at a believer, but it is not always a simple task for the believer to respond quickly and effectively. This is the case because many of the so-called discrepancies and contradictions cannot be answered adequately via a “quick wave of the hand,” but instead require in-depth, painstaking research in order to craft a reply that can dismantle each one on a case-by-case basis.

Very well said. They go on to talk about these supposed contradictions in depth, on a case-by-case basis. You can find that excellent work at the following link:

Click here: Apologetics Press :: Alleged Discrepancies

Please be forewarned, AP takes on 149 alleged contradictions, and shows how they are no contradiction at all. That will take some time to read through!

Consider supporting this great organization and the wonderful work they are doing for our Lord and Savior!

Democrat Hypocrisy. Again.

Click here for story: Gov. Furlough raises hell by boosting aides' pay

First, let me recall to memory the outrage Democrats have had over bonuses to CEOs of companies that have accepted federal bailout money. "Unacceptable!" "Something must be done!" "Limit their pay!"

Good ol' Governor Paterson in New York continues to be the biggest mistake since Jimmy Carter. (Okay, maybe not but he is bad.) Here is the opening of the article:
Gov. Paterson has granted stunning pay raises of up to 29 percent to several key aides — even as he slaps furloughs on 100,000 state workers, and his lieutenant governor threatens layoffs.

I wonder if 0bama will step in on this one? I wonder if he say that Gov. Paterson reacted "stupidly"? I wonder if he will insist, that since New York receives federal funds, that these pay raises for some, while their are furloughs for others, are unacceptable?

Or will he pretend not to notice since this is a fellow Democrat pulling this stunt?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Anti-Human "Science" From The United Nations

Click here for article: Third of plants and animals 'at risk of extinction'

Oh brother. Here we go again. I can't stand this chicken little stuff.

The world's biodiversity is threatened by the economic growth of countries like China, India and Brazil, the study will say.

While Western countries are increasingly aware of the need to protect endangered species, the developing world's appetite for raw materials is destroying vulnerable ecosystems, the report's authors will warn.

Population growth, pollution and the spread of Western-style consumption are also blamed for hitting plant and animal populations.

I remember when my brother and I were in junior high school. He came home one day talking about how one of his teachers was talking about the over population of our planet.

"He said in 30 years there will be houses where our front and back yards are now. Food will be so expensive that we will have to grow our own food to eat. And that clean water will become so scarce that we'll have to boil all of our eating and cooking water."

It was scary stuff. As 13 and 14 year-olds we were worried about our future.

It took about a decade for me to realize that this teacher was full of crap. Every generation has their chicken littles. In my parents day it was people preaching the coming nuclear holocaust. In my day it was teachers telling us that the earth's population was going to be so high that we'd have to colonize space. Today it is that we are releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere so fast that he earth is going to cook us all into a giant human bread.

All of these things are ridiculous. As is this report by the United Nations. It is as if the authors of this report had a meeting and said: "Let's brainstorm ideas on how we can scare as many people as we can with this report." They landed on the headline "Third of plants and animals 'at risk of extinction'". Thinking people, that remember these other predictions, will laugh at this, and the idiots that wrote it.

Unfortunately, the world is full of even bigger idiots. These people will fall for this garbage hook, line, and sinker. That is why these chicken little predictions are so insidious. Now people will start calling for population controls, more draconian environmental laws, and limits on consumption.

In the meantime, fat-cats like Algore will continue to get fatter off the proceeds of this rhetoric. He might even go out and buy another huge house that consumes more energy than most small cities.

In the end these reports are all the same: humans bad. Sorry, but I am proud to be the premier species on this planet. I am proud that in the battle of survival of the fittest we are the most fit. I am proud that when it comes to problems of species, we are able to solve our species' problems better than any other species.

God made this world for us. While we need to be good stewards we still need to remember that this world is here for us. Framed in that way the outlook on our world changes quite a bit from the outlook chicken littles like these authors would have us to hold. And idiots like Algore.

So hug your kids, not a tree.

This book is worth a read: "The Chicken Little Agenda: Debunking "Experts" Lies"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Danny Glover: From Buddy Cop To Whacked Out U.S. Hater

In 1987 the ultimate buddy cop movie was released. Lethal Weapon became the standard for buddy cops. Take two misfit guys, make them police partners, sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

This formula has been copied ad nausem in the intervening 23 years since the release of that movie. Including 3 more times by the producers of the original (Lethal Weapon 2-4). They were all pretty much the same movie. So nothing changed over the years.

Except Danny Glover. Now maybe this idiot was always an idiot, and I just know it. Admittedly, I had other things on my mind in 1987, at the age of 18, that were more important to me than Danny Glover's personal political views. But when I did become aware of what an idiot he was he'd already inserted those views into the Lethal Weapon franchise. (South Africa/Apartheid in LW2, anti-NRA in LW3, and immigration in LW4.)

That Danny Glover is an idiot is no longer in dispute.

Click here for story: Glover gets ovation, some boos at USU graduation

During the color guard presentation of the American flag, a spectator yelled across the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum, "Put your hand above your heart, Glover!"

The five-time Emmy nominee told The Salt Lake Tribune after the ceremony that he doesn't typically cover his heart during flag ceremonies and he meant no disrespect.

Admittedly, this is minor compared to several other things Glover has pulled over the years.

Here is a quick summary:

Danny Glover's bio of idiocy.
Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, Glover publicly stated that the U.S. was in no position to pass moral judgment on the terrorists responsible for those atrocities. “One of the main purveyors of violence in this world,” said Glover, “has been this country, whether it's been against Nicaragua, Vietnam or wherever.”

Danny Glover is an idiot.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It Has Been A Rough Year

This is not one of my typical political rants. Though what Obama is doing in Washington is nothing short of awful, the roughness of this year has more to do with something even more important than that: my dogs.

A brief history: 11 years ago, June 8th, 1999 to be exact, I lost my best friend. Roxie was a Chow/Shepherd mix. I had her from the age of 17. She lived 12 1/2 years and died of cancer that had spread throughout her body. It was very difficult, but soon after that my wife and I moved on.

We rescued Danny, a very hyperactive yellow lab (the book Marley and Me was nearly an auto-biography, it could have been called Danny and Me!), from another couple. We should have taken caution from the fact that a third couple had taken Danny for one night, and then brought him back because they couldn't handle him. We also got Yukon, a Great Pyrenees, from a breeder that owned a sheep farm. Pyrs are incredible guard dogs and Yukon would live up to that pedigree.

Danny and Yukon became like children to us. Until our daughter was born in 2003. I will never refer to dogs as "children" again because nothing can come close to the true parent-child bond. However, our daughter, from the time she was 6 months old, took to our two dogs as if they were her siblings.

Much like I came of age with Roxie, our daughter grew up with Danny and Yukon. She spent a lot of time with those dogs. As they began to age we had talks with our daughter about what happens with dogs. That they age much faster than humans and we will have to eventually have to say goodbye to them. She didn't like that prospect very much, but after repeatedly discussing it with her she came to accept that it was part of dog ownership.

In 2008, on our daughter's fifth birthday, we brought home Oreo. A Great Pyrenees-Newfoundland mix, Oreo was to be Danny's replacement. Danny was suffering from severe allergies, and he was on prednisone to combat the symptoms. We could see Danny slowing down and knew that his time with us was coming to an end.

Also, in 2007, we had a break-in at the house. The perp broke out a window, stuck his head into the house, and found a 130lb. Yukon ready to give him a guard dog greeting. The criminal wasn't as dumb as he could have been, and went right back out the window to find easier pickings. We knew that both of our dogs were getting up in age and this incident highlighted the need for a replacement.

Oreo fit that bill perfectly. At a young age I could see she already had guard dog instincts. If she heard a strange noise (and to puppies all noises are strange) she would stand alert and give a low growl. By time she was full grown she was in full guard dog mode. Pacing the perimeter of our fenced area (it covers 1/3-1/2 of an acre) making sure any would-be intruders knew she was on patrol. Just like Yukon.

Oreo didn't get as big as we thought she would. She topped out at 85lbs. Part of it was that she was so active and athletic. I wanted to train her to leap off of docks in to water, she could have won those types of competitions. She would leap off the porch when you let her out, clearing 6 feet, and bound around half the perimeter of the yard in 3 seconds flat. Yet she was so sweet, she'd just sit and let you pet her and hug her. She loved her family.

Yukon, last December, start to get a bulge in his front-right elbow. At first, we just thought it was a sprain. That was the original diagnosis of the vet, but he took an x-ray just to be sure. The result came back: cancer. Our options were to keep him comfortable, or have the leg amputated. Being such a big dog, at 10 1/2 years old, it seemed wrong to make him go through the adaptation to 3 legs. Especially since the prognosis was 3-6 months with or without the surgery.

We opted to just keep him comfortable. And for about 4 1/2 weeks he was the same old Yukon. But then he began to favor the leg a lot more. He began to lay around a lot, and the last week he quit eating kibble. We could get him to eat human food, but he no longer even fell for the can food mixed with kibble that he had been eating for about 2 weeks prior.

At the end of January, 6 weeks after his diagnosis, we had to have him put down. We began to miss him immediately. Danny and Oreo seemed to take it in stride since they had each other. Yukon had a presence about him. I can only relate it to the presence a male lion has in his pride. You knew when Yukon moved into the room as the "king" was present.

Danny's condition began to deteriorate. We had removed him prednisone about a year prior. It was causing him to not be able to hold his facilities, and he was having a lot of accidents. We took him off the medication and that problem improved, but his allergies came back. His joints were giving him problems. He showed signs of diabetes. Near the end there were times we he could barely move his back legs, and barely hold his weight on them.

Not wanting to make a rash decision, I was hesitant to make the call to have him put down. Some people began to question whether or not I was being selfish. Danny and I had had our issues over the years, so there was some guilt there too. I didn't want to just get rid of an inconvenience, I wanted to make the decision that was right for Danny.

In the meantime, we brought home a new Great Pyrenees puppy. Apollo came home in March and immediately ingratiated himself into the family. He and Oreo particularly bonded. Oreo was so patient and gentle with him. Even though Apollo liked to sink his needle like teeth into anything soft he could find. He was terrorizing our hands, feet, and ankles. And he did the same to poor Oreo. But she would wrestle with him until got tired, and then he'd collapse and sleep.

Danny didn't really give him the time of day, mainly because Danny didn't want to move. Danny was sleeping, eating, and sleeping some more. He could barely get off the porch, and a couple of times defecated on the porch rather than try to get down and up. (We had a ramp for him for since about a year prior because his back legs were getting worse and worse.) I came to realize his quality of life just wasn't what a dog should have.

In April we made the decision that it was time. It was my daughter that finally said "Daddy, it is time." Danny was put down mid-April. It was actually a relief as Danny had come to need so much special attention. Everyone seemed to be sleeping better now that Danny's misery had been ended. Even Oreo and Apollo.

They continued to bond. Oreo's natural mothering instincts were coming out and they would lay together after long playing sessions. Their friendship was growing deeper and deeper.

This is where the story gets really tragic. This past Monday morning, I arrived at work as I usually do. About a 1/2 hour after I got to work my wife called. "I think Oreo is having a stroke." Oreo had vomited when my wife went to let her out, and was in the midst of vomiting again. She couldn't seem to get up, and struggled to do so.

"Now she is laying here and isn't responding," my wife told me. I began to ask questions: "How is she breathing? Does she appear to be in pain? Do her eyes follow movements?" Then my wife said: "I think she just passed!" I told her I would be right home (unfortunately I work 45 minutes away). I called her back from the road and she said that Oreo had moved a couple of times but she couldn't see her breathing. They had called the vet and they said to bring her in as soon as possible.

Problem: Oreo, though small for her breed, still weighed in at 85lbs. My wife couldn't lift her. I told her and my daughter to stay with her, keep talking to her, and we'd get her to the vet as soon as I got home.

When I arrived home it was apparent that there was no use in taking her to the vet. Oreo was gone. Her joints were starting to stiffen. What lay before me was a beautiful, healthy, 2 year-old dog. But there was no life in her.

How can you go to bed one night with a perfectly healthy dog, and wake up the next day with a dog that is dying? It didn't make sense. It appears that it was a stroke as her symptoms were consistent with a stroke. There was nothing unusual in her vomit, just the half-digested kibble she had eaten the night before. She didn't have bloat. It didn't appear that her stomach had flipped. It was obviously something much more serious.

The difference in losing these dogs has been profound. While we were saddened to have to put down Yukon and Danny, the void that has been left in our hearts at the tragic passing of Oreo is indescribable. I feel near tears every time I think of her. We still expect to see her bounding through the yard, or greeting us when we return home. I miss her eager, calm face that expressed so much care. The way she'd come and sit in front of you wanting to be petted. Or the way she'd go lay in one of her two favorite spots when she wanted to relax.

To lose 3 dogs in a 3 1/2 months is bad enough. When one of them was so bright, energetic, obedient, loyal, and young it makes it that much worse. I will miss Yukon, Danny, and Oreo immensely, as I still miss Roxie. And I feel cheated that Oreo was taken from us before we'd had her for even two years.

Luckily, we have Apollo to ease our pain. He is turning out to be a great dog. He also seems to miss Oreo as he will occasionally trot around the house looking for her. He seems so confused that she is no longer there. Then again, the other three of us are just as confused.

RIP Roxie. RIP Yukon. RIP Danny. RIP Oreo. We miss you all.


Yukon and Danny