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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Al Sharpton's Buffoonery Over Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally

I cannot stand Al Sharpton. My disdain for him has nothing to do with race, nor politics. It is his tactics. Sharpton (sorry I do not call anyone "Reverend") says whatever he wants, no matter how racist or inflammatory, and then backtracks and changes what he says.

You can watch him use these tactics again here:

Sharpton needs to go away. Shame on Fox for continuing to trot this farcical "religious leader" out.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bullet Dodged! EPA Won't Ban Lead Bullets

A bit of good news, at least for the time being:

Click here for story: EPA rejects attempt to regulate lead in bullet

Of course the liberal press is positioning this as the EPA bowing to the NRA. Please. The EPA realizes this is out of its jurisdiction, and that they risk a lawsuit by pushing forward. So they bit the bullet (I love these puns!) and killed the proposal.

Friday, August 27, 2010

EPA To Ban Lead Bullets?!?

I am going to make a prediction. If the EPA goes through with this lead bullet ban, the Republicans will take back the House AND the Senate this November. That is why I am having trouble believing that the EPA would go through with this, at least prior to the elections.

Click here for story: Environmental Protection Agency Reviewing Petition to Ban Lead Bullets

The problem? Bullets made of other materials are 3 to 5 times more expensive. This is akin to a backdoor tax on gun owners and shooters. It can be stopped. Contact the EPA here: EPA asks for public comment on proposed lead bullet ban and let the EPA no you are against the ban!

I like this part:
Bill Clinton famously blamed the NRA and gun owners for sweeping Democrats from control of the House in 1994 after he pushed them to pass the Assault Weapons Ban. For Democrats, especially those in rural and conservative districts that are already facing voters’ wrath, gun control could once again be an issue that helps defeat them and swings control of the House and perhaps even the Senate to the GOP.
Gun owners vote and have power in this nation. It is time to through that weight around.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Surge In Iraq Following Troops Leaving, Exactly As Predicted

Many of us on the right chastised the 0bama administration's announcement that combat troops would be leaving Iraq by September of 2010. Why were critical? This is why:

Click here for story: Attacks in Iraq surging as U.S. soldiers return home

It was all just too predictable. But hey, when 0bama wants to appease those that elected him, the far-left, he doesn't care what the consequences are.

Anyone with a brain knew that the insurgents would just bide their time until the U.S. draw down was in full swing, and then they'd go back on the attack. The surge in 2007 by President Bush worked to perfection. And 0bama's draw down is failing as predicted.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Great Non-Endorsed Political Ad I Thought I Would Share

Ahhh yes. Thanks to the unions liberals have had a stranglehold on Michigan politics for decades.

Hey Michigan, how's that working out for you?

0bama Administration Legitimizes United Nations "Human Rights" Council

The quotes in the title are purposeful. The "Human Rights" Council is a joke. Actually, that is an insult to jokes, it is a travesty of monumental proportions.

Take a look at their membership: Membership of the Human Rights Council

Some of the greatest hits from their membership list:
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  • Russian Federation
Seriously, some of the biggest violators of human rights atrocities, and they are members of the UN's Human Rights Council?

Also note that this council is used to condemn Israel every time Israel defends itself. It is just a ludicrous organization.

On that note, there is this news:

Click here for story: US admits human rights shortcomings in UN report

Keep in mind this report to this travesty of an UN council comes after the U.S. refused to acknowledge this council for years due to their membership, and their criticism of Israel. Until, you guessed, Chairmen 0 got elected. And note their report:
In its first-ever report to the U.N. Human Rights Council on conditions in the United States, the State Department said some minorities are still victims of discrimination. Despite progress in reforming past unfair policies and practices, the report said "work remains to meet our goal of ensuring equality before the law for all."

So while sitting members of this council engage in STATE-SANCTIONED human rights violations, the fact that some private citizens of the U.S. are still racist or bigoted means our State Department self reports U.S. discrimination? As if the U.S. sanctions that behavior? We already have hundreds and thousands of anti-discrimination laws on the books. Try to find such laws in China!

In fact, while we are bending over backwards to try and stamp out discrimination, and are the beacon of light in the world in regards to human rights, China continues to engage in forced abortions! Oh, not to mention forced sterilization!

That the 0bama administration would legitimize this council by providing a report, and a ridiculous report at that, while not surprising, is troubling. Over 19 months in and 0bama continues his anti-American reign of terror.

November 2, 2010 can't get here fast enough. And then I will look forward to November 6, 2012 with even more anticipation. Time for this idiotic administration to go.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Detroit News Continues Misinformation Campaign Over Stem Cell Research

The MainStream Media have been on a misinformation campaign over stem cell research ever since George W. Bush shut down new lines of EMBRYONIC stem cells for research.

Their tactics are:
  • If adult stem cells are used for a breakthrough, be sure not to distinguish that, just say "stem cell breakthrough!"
  • If embryonic stem cells are used for a breakthrough, be sure to bold, italic, and increase the size of the word EMBRYONIC to trumpet the breakthrough
  • When dealing with rulings or controversies around embryonic stem cell research, report merely as stem cell research (don't denote it) to confuse people over stem cell research
  • Never, ever point out that the real breakthroughs have occurred using adult (non-embryonic) stem cells
  • Confuse, distort, and continue to blur the embryonic and adult stem cell lines, unless not doing so is beneficial to embryonic stem cell research
The latest example of this misinformation campaign comes courtesy of the Detroit News. In their top stories area on the front page of their website, they had the following:

Obama stem cell regulations temporarily blocked

The Obama administration's expansion of stem cell research has suffered a significant setback with a judge's ruling that blocks important work on treating life-threatening conditions. - 11:07 am
  • They never mention that the ruling is on EMBRYONIC stem cell research, letting the reader of this snippet think that the ruling shut down all stem cell research
  • The last line "a judge's ruling that blocks important work on treating life-threatening conditions" is a blatant attempt at generating outrage. "HOW COULD THEY SHUT DOWN LIFE SAVING WORK?"
  • They are quick to point out that the ruling "temporarily" blocks the expansion of stem cell (actually embryonic) research, however it then goes on to call it "a significant setback". This show their hand, that they want the reader to think there is still hope, but use the term "significant setback" to make sure the reader is properly outraged
The actual article points out more details, but the News is hoping you'll read their little biased snippet and run off half-cocked about how right-to-lifers hate all stem cell research. Not true. We support adult stem cell research because: a) nobody dies to donate the cells, and b) the real breakthroughs in treatment have all been from adult stem cells. That latter part is true not only in the United States, but also in other countries that have allowed embryonic stem cell research unfettered!

The MSM doesn't want you know all of this though. They'd rather you think that conservatives just are totally opposed to stem cell research, period. Get informed and fight the insanity.

More Unintended Consequences Of The Misguided Stimulus Spending

Gordon G. Chang of Forbes Magazine was on Dr. Bill Bennett's Morning In America radio program during my drive into work. Mr. Chang recently wrote an article that talks about how China is the real winner in the stimulus spending frenzy that started, under Bush's watch, in 2008. And that 0bama took to new heights in 2009.

Click here: U.S. Spends, China Benefits

In short, when the government disperses "stimulus" money, some of that money goes to contractors to do things like repair roads, or build a border fence, etc. The contractors, who are private firms, buy materials from the most economical place: China.

Sure some of the money is used to pay workers, but China, who is loaning us the stimulus money, then gets portions of those loans back in payments for goods used on the stimulus projects that their loans are funding! Genius on the Chinese's part.

Of course America invented this "loan them money so they will pay us" type of plan. We called it the Marshall Plan, and that is what grew our economy so fast in the aftermath of World War II as we loaned Europe money so they could pay us to rebuild Europe. Talk about taking our own medicine!

And the results of this action?

The result is that Western nations will be wracked by inflation, burdened by debt and laid low by another downturn.
 As Chang pointed out on Bennett's show, another result is the American worker starts clamoring for higher wages because of the increased inflation, which further fules inflation as companies raise prices to offset higher labor costs. Kind of a dog chasing its tail type of economy.

0bama will use all of this as an excuse to raise taxes, starting by letting the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of this year. Higher taxes, especially on businesses and the wealthy, will, you guessed it, cause more inflation. 2011 is shaping up to be a rough year: runaway inflation, higher taxes, higher unemployment. The only silver lining will be that it will the final nail in the 0bama, 2012 reelection coffin.

And good riddance to bad rubbish.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hollywood Liberal Idiocy Run Amok

Brad Pitt is an idiot. And such an idiot that he doesn't even warrant a full blown "Brad Pitt Is An Idiot" post on this blog. Look at this:

Click here: Brad Pitt: I'd Reconsider My Views on Death Penalty Due to BP Oil Spill

Wow. Just wow. So he is against someone getting the death penalty for raping and murdering children, but for it if someone is responsible for an oil spill in the Gulf. Of course, he is a little less idiotic considering the initial accident caused some deaths, but last I checked the death penalty wasn't applicable to accidental deaths.

I think Pitt is just upset that his career has essentially been given the death penalty.........

 Captain Caveman is upset with BP, but he should be upset with his recent Hollywood flops.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Odds And Ends

Oops Obama claimed that the stimulus funded a project, but it didn't!
Click here: Obama had facts wrong about visit here Finance director: Stimulus dollars didn't aid project

A coworker, who blamed George W. Bush for everything from global warming to her kids not acting right, was highly offended that people would dare blame Obama in the aftermath of the BP oil spill. I can only imagine what this coworker would have said if Bush had been president at the time of the oil spill.

The Ground Zero mosque controversy may end up being solved by the grunts on the ground. Literally.
Click here: A growing number of New York construction workers are vowing not to work on the mosque planned near Ground Zero

Obama's support for building the mosque has renewed an old debate: is he a Muslim? Apparently, even his backtrack from the original support hasn't stopped the rumor from rearing its head again.
Click here: Obama a Muslim? Rumors gain steam, defying facts

Incumbent Democrats are running scared. And they are afraid that taking a stance on the Ground Zero mosque may be the catalyst to get them ousted. As a result, they are divided and unsure of what to do or say about.
Click here: Mosque debate divides Democrats, especially in NY

Remember the travesty that is Obamacare? Well the Democrats realize that Obamacare is a hot-button subject heading into the elections this November. So they've issued talking points to Democrats to guide them in what to say and not to say. And they aren't saying celebrate it! Here is a Foxnews report on it:

This Is Why Republicans Are Only Slightly More Palatable To Me Than Democrats

The Democratic party is a party rife with cronyism, liberalism, and radical, left-wing extremism.

The Republican party is a party rife with cronyism, just right of liberalism, and moderate to left-of-center politics.

Why do I say that. Because of stories like this:

Click here: Ex-Bush advisers urge Republicans to soften criticism of mosque near Ground Zero

One of the things I disagreed with Bush on was his insistence that Islam is a religion of peace. It is not. Islam is a religion of "convert them or kill them". It is in the Quran, I am not making that up.

This movie lays out the case about the lack of peacefulness in Islam:

Fitna The Movie: Geert Wilders documentary about Islam - Watch more Funny Videos

So this article about Republicans wanting moderation on the anti-Ground Zero mosque rhetoric is ridiculous. We are at war with radical Islam. All Islam is radical Islam. There is no such thing as non-radical Islam. The Republicans needs to understand that.

This just goes to prove that there is no ideal choice in elections for conservatives. There is only levels of bad. The Republicans are just a level below the bad of the Democrats. We are forced, in a two party system, to vote for the lesser of two evils.

Don't get me wrong, there are some good Republicans. They just tend to be fewer and farther between every year.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Barack Hussein Obama Is An AINO

AINO. Pronounced "ain't no" without the T.

American In Name Only

That acronym epitomizes Barack Hussein Obama.

As bad as I could have imagined his administration to be, it is worse. Bowing to foreign leaders, government takeovers of private industry. Socialized health care. Calling cops "stupid". Apologizing for American policy. Nominating far left-wing whackos to the Supreme Court. Endorsing building of mosques near Ground Zero.

There were those of us that spoke out loudly about his ties to radicals. "Reverend" Wright. William Ayers. Michelle Obama.

Yes, I said Michelle is a radical. Why, you ask? Statements like these:
  • "For the first time, I am really proud of my country."
  • "America is a mean country."
Definitely radical in my book. These people seem to really dislike America. Which isn't really surprising. Lots of liberals dislike America.

I worked with an extremely liberal guy several years ago, he was from Wisconsin, that didn't even cheer for the United States in the Olympics. "We think we are the best at all of the sports!", he would say gruffly. I looked at him and say: "That's because we are!"

I didn't understand how a red-blooded American could cheer against his own country in the Olympics. And he was serious about it too. He didn't just mildly hope we lost, he rooted for the U.S. to come in last. If we had a high profile athlete in a given sport he was even more vitriolic.

This is how liberals think. This is why liberals in the 1950s sided with Communism. It is why liberals today side with Islam. It is why liberals today love France. Anything that is viewed as anti-American is tops in their eyes.

AINOs. Not real Americans, just Americans in name. And we, as a nation, elected an AINO to the office of president. Elections have consequences, and we are paying the price for that mistake now.

Jobless Claims Move The Wrong Way. Again.

Click here for story: Weekly Jobless Claims Post Surprise Jump, Hit 500,000

So my question to liberals is: How's that stimulus working?

As I posted yesterday, liberals are fond of trying to say that the stimulus kept things from being worse. But by the 0bama administration's own criteria, it was an utter failure.

Also, a new talking point I've noticed from the left: "After 8 years of George W. Bush, it will take more than 19 months to correct."

The problem with that theory is two-fold. First, Bush's biggest mistake was overspending. Obama has ramped that overspending up by 10 times! Second, Bush allowed the fed to overprint money. That overprinting has increased in volume under 0bama and Bernanke.

So the left can try to point the finger and Bush 43, but the truth is that 0bama's policies have worsened Bush's mistakes, not started to reverse them.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New York Officials Say Yes To Ground Zero Mosque, No To Rebuilding Of Church Destroyed There!!

Further proof that politics are at play in the building of the mosque near Ground Zero. Now we find out that a church that already stood down there, that was destroyed the day the WTC collapsed, won't be allowed to rebuild.

Click here: Decision Not to Rebuild Church Destroyed on 9/11 Surprises Greek Orthodox Leaders

Apparently freedom of religious expression can be picked and chosen. Yes to a mosque. No to a pre-existing church.

Where are all the lefties at, and why are they not howling about the injustice of this? They are so defensive of the mosque going up, but mum on the issue of this church? I mean I know lefties hate Christianity, and the expression of it, but this is blatantly obvious. And yet they are unabashed in their behavior.


I Was Banned From Posting On The Detroit News Forums For Calling DetNews Blogger Libby Spencer "Dumb"

Too funny!

I knew liberals were sensitive. And I had been critical of Libby Spencer's idiocy on the Detroit News forums before. But banning me from posting there ever again simply for calling Libby "dumb"?

Read this and see if you don't agree with me:

Click here:  Libby Spencer: How Obama's Policies Are Saving Us

My comment on her blog was: "Wow, Libby is dumber than I thought."

Admittedly, that is quite a put down because I thought she was really, really dumb to begin with. That got me banned from commenting at the site from now on. Oh well, I have more important things to do anyway.

But how could I respond any other way. Even by the Obama administrations own words their policies are failures. Remember how he told us that passing the stimulus would keep the unemployment rate below 8%? It is at 9.5% and peaked over 10% even after the stimulus was passed!

The economy is slowing again, despite the stimulus, and we are facing a double-dip recession. Consumer confidence has again begun to plunge. The market is a roller-coaster ride again, just like prior to the stimulus. Fed Chief Ben Bernanke, a supporter of the stimulus, recently gave a gloomy outlook moving forward, saying true recovery probably wouldn't come until the end of next year. That's right, the end of 2011.

Yet Libby Spencer continues to defend the Obama administration, and push snake-oil studies like the one that suggests the stimulus worked.

Meantime, people are out of work, can't find work, and thanks to Obama letting the Bush tax-cuts expire (they will at the end of this year), many more people facing potential layoff.

So thanks to Obama for nothing. Shame on Libby Spencer for her lies and dishonesty. And thanks to the Detroit News forums for freeing up more of my time!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Have Read The Transcript Of Dr. Laura Saying The N-Word. And That Is All She Did.

She said it. The n-word. And that is all she did. She didn't use it in a derogatory manner. She didn't call anybody the word. She didn't even utter it as an epitaph in any way. She merely said that black comedians say the word all the time. She merely said if you turn on HBO you hear the word, and then she said it.

Okay, maybe she shouldn't have said it. She went on later to make the point that people are hypersensitive. Knowing that she should have said "n-word" and not the actual n-word. But she did.

If you haven't heard it or read it, here is a transcript:

What did Dr. Laura say on-air?

Her overall point was a good one: not everything that is said about race is racist. Also, just because someone feels that something is racist doesn't make it racist. However, I agree with her apology. Her point was lost because she dared to say the n-word.

I would have been unhappy if I had been listening with my daughter. If I was in the car, turned to her show and heard that word I would have been unhappy. Just like I am unhappy when I hear black people say the word around kids. How can we teach our kids that the word is wrong if they hear it all the time?

So she was guilty of poor judgment. Nothing more. She wasn't being racist. She isn't racist. And she shouldn't be removed from the air or boycotted by advertisers. If you think she should, or if you will stop listening to her show, or if you are an advertiser that pulls your ads, then you are guilty of the exact type of thing she was talking about.

As for Jade, the caller. I think we have a plant here folks. I think Jade was a plant to try to trip up Dr. Laura and get her in trouble. Some of the things Jade said "I hope everyone heard it" tip me off to the fact that Jade wasn't really who she said she was. That Jade was someone calling with an issue she knew might get Dr. Laura to say something others found objectionable. That Jade is a plant is unconscionable. That Dr. Laura took the bait is unfortunate.

Remember The Call To Boycott Arizona Over Immigration?

I believe New York City was one of the municipalities that wanted to boycott Arizona over their immigration law. You know, the  law that merely mimicked and enforced U.S. federal statutues?

Well, New York's council and mayor continue to push forward the plan to allow a mosque to be built near Ground Zero in lower-Manhattan. A plan that has raised an outcry of protest from New Yorkers, and Americans around the country alike. Even 0bama weighed in favor of the mosque Friday night (before saying he hadn't weighed in favor of it the very next day).

Well, I think the solution is simple. Take a cue from New York City themselves. If they go forward with the mosque near Ground Zero then real Americans should boycott NYC. Don't visit. Don't do business with. Etc. The same boycott they waged against Arizona should be waged against NYC.

New York has the opportunity to do the right thing here. If they choose not to then they should face the consequences.

Rumor: Muslim Leaders To Pull Plug On Ground Zero Mosque Plans

There is considerable chatter on the blogosphere this morning that Muslim leaders are ready to change the location of the proposed Ground Zero mosque and community center. The rumor is two-pronged. One version says that it is due to the outcry of protest against the plan. Another version suggests a lack of funding to build in the proposed location, in part due to the outcry of protest.

Muslim leaders supposedly feel that moving the location of the mosque will net them additional funds to go ahead with building. Again, this is all speculation at this point.

Some key Muslim leaders have begun to deny these rumors saying that the rumors are misinformation and that the original plans are still underway. Time will tell.

In the meantime, liberals continue to get it wrong regarding this. In fact, their arguments for the planned mosque are phony, lying, and completely miss the heart of the matter.

On her Facebook page (remember I hate Facebook), my wife changed her status to one voicing her opposition to the mosque. A "friend" of ours (note the quotes) then went on a short soliloquy about how this nation was founded on religious freedom. Funny, because this same guy would be against lots of other religious freedoms, but on the Ground Zero mosque he is all for it.

That he misses the real argument is of no surprise. After all he is just parroting what his friends on the left, and the president he voted for, have been saying. Religious freedom is not the issue here. We all know they have a right to build the mosque. But merely having the right to do something doesn't mean you should do it.

For instance, I have a right to eat a whole large pizza for lunch today. Or an entire cheesecake. Or all the fried food I can find. That is well within my rights to do. But the question is: should I? Would it be prudent? Would it be good for me and those around me?

The mere existence of a right doesn't necessarily mean that the exercising of that right is the RIGHT thing to do. I have many rights that I choose not to exercise for prudence sake. I could continue to enumerate many more examples but I think you get the point.

But liberals will continue to hammer on this "religious expression". In the meantime they will be selective regarding where they apply the "right to religious expression".

For example, remember this story: Mojave Cross still gone, but controversy remains

Quick summary: VFW erects cross to honor fallen soldiers in 1934. Cross stands for 75 years with no problems, then ACLU decides to fight against it under the guise of "separation of church and state". Issue is that cross is on public land. Compromise proposed to exchange another piece of land for the plot in the Mojave where cross is so that it can be "privatized". Opponents don't like that plan, that want the cross down. SCOTUS rules 5-4 cross can stay. Week later a vandal cuts down and steals cross. VFW erect new one but it is ordered removed and remains removed due to liberal opposition (IE the ACLU).

Where are the liberals screaming for for religious expression in the Mojave Cross case? For years they are anti-religious expression, but suddenly take up that cross (pun intended) in regard to the Ground Zero mosque? Please.

Bottom line is that the mosque is a slap to America's face, and liberals are all about slapping the face of the nation they despise. As are Muslims. Muslims standing arm-in-arm with liberals against the USA should surprise no one.

Liberals say YES to this:

But no to this:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

James Caan: Ultra-Conservative!!

From FoxNews:

*Note: Pardon James' language.

Great to see a great Hollywood actor like Caan A) avoiding the liberal slime that is Hollywood and B) realizing that talking politics is not what he does for a living.

On top of it? James Caan is a proud Michigan State University Alum. GO SPARTANS! (He was grand marshal of the Homecoming Parade a few years ago.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Emmitt Smith: Portrait Of A Grid Iron Hero

This is a great photo. I remember exactly when this was taken. During the 2004 NFL season, though both of these great players were in their final seasons with teams that they didn't become stars with, they both played great games against each other.

After the game they embraced for this photo. It was a throwback to their glory years when they both were in their prime. And what a prime it was.

This past weekend, these two, possibly the best at their respective positions, went into the Football Hall of Fame together.

It was a bitter-sweet moment for me. While I really enjoyed watching Emmitt be inducted, while I laughed and cried during his induction speech, I also had some pangs in my heart. Never again would I see him run out of the tunnel at Texas Stadium, in uniform, ready to go to battle against a division foe. Never again would I see him take the ball, pick a hole, explode through that hole and pick up precious yards for the Dallas Cowboys. I would never again get the chance to see him play.

I flashed back to 1990. Back in those days you didn't get to see much in the way of college football outside of your local and regional teams. I didn't know much about Emmitt. I knew only what I had heard. He is small. He isn't that fast. While he was great in college he will have trouble in the NFL.

One thing I hadn't heard about was his heart. I remember going to get Tony Dorsett's autograph at a card show in the area. After getting Dorsett's autograph I began to peruse the cards at the show. I came across Emmitt's rookie card. On a whim I bought it.

Later I turned it over and read his stats. 5'9". 206 lbs. Birthday: 5/15/1969. Two days older than I am. I immediately began to relate to Emmitt. Too small. Too slow. Not good enough. He was my age and I had heard all of those things myself. Granted, I never played organized football, but I did play a lot of pick up sports. Whenever I went some where new I was looked over. Once the game started people realized that they had underestimated me. Didn't matter the sport, I had something people couldn't see in my slight frame.

I had heart.

Emmitt had heart. Though the back of that card didn't say it, as I began to watch him play, as I began to follow his career and read up on his past accomplishments, I realized he had enough heart for an entire team. People overlooked him, but once he laced up his cleats, strapped on his helmet, and went to work people couldn't overlook him any longer.

Through the years I watched Emmitt thrill not only myself, but Cowboy and football fans everywhere. If you needed a big play, he provided it. If you needed steady play, he provided that. He gave the team whatever it needed. And he always did it with class and dignity.

After the Cowboys won their first Superbowl since 1978, in 1993, Jerry Jones tried to overlook Emmitt. Emmitt's contract had expired. Both sides had come to a stalemate on negotiations. Jerry was low balling the kid that was too small and too slow. Jerry thought the team could afford to lose Emmitt. Emmitt missed the first 2 games of the 1993 regular season. The Cowboys lost both.

Jerry ponied up and paid Emmitt. The Cowboys went on, with Emmitt, to win 12 of the last 14 games, and win their second consecutive Superbowl. Oh yeah, and Emmitt? Well he wouldn't be overlooked ever again after that season. Because this was his list of accomplishments:
  • Won Rushing Title (in only 14 games mind you)
  • Won Superbowl
  • Named Superbowl MVP
  • Named NFL MVP
All that after missing the 1st two games of the season.

Further, Emmitt went on to have an even better year statistically in 1995, rushing for 1,773 yards and scoring 25 touchdowns. Oh, and the Cowboys won their 3rd Superbowl in 4 years that season.

Off the field Emmitt was an even better person than he was a football player. He went back to school and got his degree (he came out after his junior year) to keep a promise to his mother. He would lavish his offensive line with extravagant presents to show his gratitude to them (one year he got them all a Rolex). He was ever humble, ever professional, and always kept his goals in mind.

In 2002, he achieved the chief of those goals when he surpassed Walter Payton's career rushing mark to become the all time NFL leading rusher. It showed just what kind of person Emmitt is that the game was attended by Payton's family (Walter having passed by that time), and they were among his biggest cheerleaders though he was breaking their husband and father's record.

When Emmitt retired after the 2004 season, it was as if a part of me died. I love the game of football. I love watching it. I love to still play on the rare occasion that I get a chance. But the game will never be the same. I cannot imagine another player coming close to making me feel the way Tony Dorsett and then Emmitt Smith did for so many years. It was as if I was on the field with them, or as part of them.

No post about Emmitt will ever be complete without mentioning his HOF induction speech. In fact, here is a link to it:

Wow, that still gives me goosebumps. The raw emotion. The fact that this isn't being read from notes or a teleprompter, but straight from the heart.  How humble he is in giving so much of the credit to other people. And his heartfelt, emotional thank you to Darryl Johnston. All of that just seemed so genuine, so sincere. I could feel what Emmitt was feeling. I could empathize with him. I had watched so many great moments of his career happen live that it was as if all Emmitt Smith fans were being inducted with him.

I have seen some of my favorite players in sport come and go. Tony Dorsett. Lou Whitaker. Petr Klima. Joe Dumars. Andre Agassi. And now Emmitt Smith. I thank them all for the years they thrilled me. Not all of them will go into the HOF in their respective sport, but they are all HOFers to me. Now that I am in my 40s I doubt I will ever again look to modern sport stars for inspiration, but I will always look back on these stars as inspirations.

Friday, August 06, 2010

After Careful Consideration, I Cannot Endorse Rick Snyder For Governor Of Michigan

Based on this:

Click here: Right to Life unlikely to back Snyder

So unless Snyder is willing to say he would use his office to prevent EMBRYONIC stem-cell research, then I cannot endorse him, nor vote for him in his campaign for governor. I know he is anti-abortion, which is better than can be said for his opponent. But I don't see how one can claim to be for the sanctity of life, and yet allow rape and incest provisions for abortion, and support, unabashedly, the practice of destroying human-beings to harvest their stem-cells.

If he really is pro-EMBRYONIC stem-cell research, then I have to question the depth of his anti-abortion stance. It is shallow at best.

Note: I capitalize EMBRYONIC for two reasons. First, it is a misnomer. It should be called "LIFE DESTROYING" stem-cell research.

Second, to just say "stem-cell research" is misleading since adult stem-cells are easily obtained with no one's death being involved, IE ADULT stem-cells. Just another note: all of the medical breakthroughs involved so far with stem-cells have been accomplished with adult stem-cells. Which is why it is obvious to me that EMBRYONIC stem-cell research is less about the research and more about devaluing the lives it destroys.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

This Probably Goes With Out Saying: I Can't Stand PETA

One organization that I have zero respect for is PETA. Well PETA is at it again. A former American Idol contestant recently began a new reality series on Versus. Here is the premise:
“Goin Country,” which began its eight episode run this weekend, follows the singer trying to land a record deal as she participates in hunts across the country.
So, of course, PETA had to weigh in:

Click here for story: EXCLUSIVE: PETA Takes Aim at Kristy Lee Cook's Hunting Show, And She Fires Back
From PETA: “Instead of angering thousands of would-be fans by killing helpless animals on camera in attempt to get her '15 Minutes of Shame,' Kristy Lee Cook's fame crusade would be better served by following in the footsteps of fellow Idol alum-turned-country-stars Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler—as well as Simon Cowell—all of whom have used their fame and talent to speak up for animals.”
From Cook: "Given that hunters have done more for American wildlife conservation than any other group in history, I make no apology for being one," Cook told "Indeed, I join the ranks of millions of American hunters who celebrate our outdoor heritage and who conserve millions of acres of wild lands. These same people support more than 600,000 jobs across the country and provide a critical voice to encourage more investment in American conservation."
To her response I say: AMEN!

Further, no one cares what PETA says. The vast majority of Americans eat meat. A majority understand the necessity of hunting, and that it is actually good for the wild animal numbers and overall health. Of course, they don't care. They treat animals on equal footing as, or even slightly above, humans.

Carrie Underwood is a perfect example of an animal rights nut. How she could get so militaristic in her anti-meat views coming from her background is beyond me.

I think I'll have veal for lunch. With foie gras as an appetizer. And I'll do it while listening to Carrie Underwood. Carrie, I am eating meat, harvested in a controversial manner, all in your honor! You're welcome!

Katie "The Troll" Couric Hating On Sarah Palin........In The Summer Of 2008!

This is set to go viral:

Katie is an idiot. Always has been, and this raw footage proves it beyond any shadow of a doubt. She barely knew Sarah Palin at this point and was already hating on her. This is why CBS News is one step up away from having no viewers at all.

Katie is a troll. Looks like one, and acts like one.

H/T: Common Cents