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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Arguing With Liberals

Here you go:

LOL So true. If you try to argue issues with a liberal you will get personal attacks and moral equivalents. Yet these people try to take the intellectual high ground.

H/T: Wintery Knight

Democrats Are Crybabies

Democrats are a lot like children. "If I don't get my way then I am taking my ball and leaving!" Nothing highlighted this more than last week when Bill O'Reilly was a guest on The View. We all know, that except for the beautiful Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the women on The View are all foaming-mouthed, fall down liberals. So you knew that the moderately conservative O'Reilly was due to stir some emotions.

Stir he did. When questioned about his views regarding the Ground Zero mosque, O'Reilly stated that "Muslims killed us on 9/11". This prompted Fat and Ugly (aka Joy Behar) to stand up and declare that she wasn't going to sit and listen to this. Sit and listen to what? The truth?

Then Fatter and Uglier (aka Whoopie Goldberg) declared the same thing. The two then walked off the set, hand-in-hand, like Spongebob and Patrick. Crybabies. Even ultra-liberal, no-talent Barbara Walters was upset with their behavior. O'Reilly then went on to cowtow to the idiotic trio (Scary Sherie sat quiet even though she probably wanted to storm off in a huff as well), by restating that he should have said Muslim extremists killed us on 9/11. Whatever, six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Joy and Whoopie came waddling back in because "O'Reilly apologized". Again, whatever. Their behavior highlighted exactly what is wrong with liberals. They can't stand opposing points of view. Instead they storm off in a huff like little children because their opinions are not backed by facts. How can they argue once the fallacies of the basis of their views are exposed?

0bama is the same way. While campaigning for election we heard these promises of bipartisanship. We heard lies about reaching across the aisle to work with Republicans. We were told he wanted to compromise. Then he got into office and the first thing he did was declare in a meeting with Republicans that "I won." In other words, you have to play ball with me, not the other way around.

He then went about getting Democrats to pass his agenda through every sneaky, dirty tactic that he could think of. Cloture. Buying moderate Democratic votes. Shady reconciliation tactics. All to get his far-left agenda passed. He wasn't interested in an open dialog, or compromise. No he wanted quasi-socialism rammed through the legislative process, and subsequently down the American people's throats.

Anytime any opposition was raised, Obama wasn't wanting to hear it. Scott Brown gets elected to Ted Kennedy's old senate seat? He still went forward with a socialistic, and unconstitutional health care bill. Glenn Beck holds a historic rally in Washington D.C. and the white house refers to the attendees as racist extremists.

This president for nearly two years has ignored any opposition to what he has done. So the American people are poised to up that opposition. When he has to deal with GOP majorities in the house and senate I want to see his reaction. Will he make good on campaign promises to work towards compromise? Or will he act like Whoopie and Joy and storm out of the legislative process? We'll find out in January........

Friday, October 08, 2010

Of Freaks And Geeks

Flipping through channels a couple of weeks ago I happened upon a mini-marathon on IFC of all channels for the long defunct, short-lived yet extremely well done show "Freaks And Geeks".

I added the series DVDs to my Netflix queue, and have slowly worked my way through 17 of the 18 episodes in this series. While there are some things that bug me about the show (episode 17 had VP George H. W. Bush visit the high school, and of course had to inject leftist political statements), overall the show is good (they try to have a moral), clean (other than some language and innuendo) fun.

What really struck me though is how similar some of the characters in Freaks And Geeks are to some of the characters in the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Now I am not accusing Dynamite creator Jared Hess of stealing ideas from Freaks and Geeks, but the influence that show had on Napoleon Dynamite is obvious. Freaks and Geeks aired in 1999-2000. Napoleon Dynamite was released in 2004. Here the similarities enumerated:
  • Napoleon Dynamite's 80s feel. If you didn't know better you would think Napoleon Dynamite was set in the 80s. Hess has insisted it wasn't, yet some of the references prove it. But all of the vehicles in the film are prior to, or from the 80s. Look at Napoleon's and his brother Kip's school pictures on the wall in the living room and tell me those are vintage 80s school portraits. Uncle Rico, the telephones (corded), vehicles (as mentioned), and even a lot of the hairstyles could all be from the 80s. Freaks and Geeks was set in 1980-81. Coincedence?
  • Napoleon Dynamite is essentially Bill Haverchuck. The glasses. The open-mouth breathing. The purposeful, thoughtful, yet blank and empty stare. Napoleon is very similar to Bill in many ways. They both get surly and aggravated easily. Heck, there is even a scene in an episode of Freaks and Geeks where Bill dances to a cheesy dance song. As much as I thought Napoleon was a great character, after watching all of the episodes of Freaks and Geeks Napoleon doesn't hold a candle to Bill Haverchuck. But the similarities are profound.
  • Kip Dynamite is patterned after Harris Trinsky. They both have the expressionless reactions. They both have an atypical girlfriend. They both speak without moving their lips much. They both have an understated intelligence. They both have braces and glasses. They both have wispy, nearly non-existent facial hair.They are both slight, smallish boys. This is so obvious that I retract my earlier statement and accuse Hess of stealing ideas directly from Freaks and Geeks.
  • Randy the bully from NP is a carbon-copy of Alan White the bully from F&Gs. No doubt about it. From the cross-eyedness, To the manic oppression of his prey. Again Hess seemed to lift the character idea for his bully directly from Freaks and Geeks.
These are the main similarities. Don't believe me? Watch a few episodes of Freaks and Geeks, then watch Napoleon Dynamite. And then try to deny these similarities.

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