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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Have Seen The Future Of Computers....

....and it is Chrome OS! Yes, the Google OS called Chrome is going to revolutionize the computer world. And it is based on Cloud computing. All that really means is that your storage, instead of local on a harddrive, is over the internet. When you save a file the file is saved on hardrive on a server somewhere.

Actually, it is more technical than that. The file is backed up, and it also has redundant protection (RAID) built into that storage. It is infinitely safer than storing it on local media. Unless you are rich and can afford your own SAN array.

Anyway, back to the Chrome OS. You can take a glimpse of the future for yourself. First, go here and download and install the Chrome web browser:

Once you have the browser start using it to surf the internet. Chrome has become my favorite web browser even over Mozilla's Firefox. Then go to the web store:

The web store is where you download apps and extensions to the Chrome browser. And this is where the meat and potatoes are. When you start using Chrome applications and extensions what you are basically doing is using Chrome OS! The only difference is that you are using it within your Windows operating system. However, Google is already working on Chrome as a standalone OS, and in fact have been giving away 60,000 Google Chrome OS laptops! You can sign up to try to get one here:

The Chrome OS is basically just the Chrome web browser. You can see a demo of the Chrome OS in this video:

Believe me, this is the future!

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DeanO said...

I've downloaded this browser but never used it...I'll have to check it out as I didn't know about the apps