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Monday, February 21, 2011

Obama Loves Big Government

Shocking revelation here, I know. It isn't a surprise that when you elect the most liberal Senator in the Senate to be president, that he would turn out to be a lover of big government. And Obama has delivered on that threat/promise. He loves big government.

You can talk about the government handouts, the stimulus, cap and trade, and Obamacare. Yes those all point to his quasi-socialistic, big government leanings. No doubt about it. While Bush was funding two wars, he ran a modest deficit (huge, okay but modest by Obama's standards). Obama comes along and in 2 short years manages to multiple the deficit by 5.

But even scarier than Obama's love of spending tax-payer's money, or the government's money as he'd call it, is his penchant for always coming down on the side of government.

First there was Nicaragua. When a wannabe dictator tried to cease control of power by suspending the Nicaraguan constitution and usurping dictatorship rule, Nicaraguans reject it and ousted the power nabbing president from their country. Obama tried to step in and reinsert the dictator as president. Seriously? A president of a democracy supporting someone that tried to destroy their own democracy?

Then there was Egypt. Their ruler has been a dictator since he took office. (Egypt has been under emergency military rule since Mubarak took office in 1981.) When the Egyptian people have had enough of him and rise up to oust him, Obama falls all over himself to defend Mubarak. When he finally starts talking tough against Mubarak it is only because it is obvious that Mubarak can't stay. Maybe Barak saw Mubarak's name and decided to defend him.

Now China. Remember Obama bowing to the Chinese leader a while back? Do you think Obama will come out now and condemn China for excessive force against protesters? After all, Obama looks to China as a pinnacle of how to run government. It is sickening.

Yet when Gov. Walker of Wisconsin wants to reign in runaway salary and benefits to state workers, Obama steps in on the side of the unions? Now obviously Obama got elected largely on the union vote, especially public sector union votes. But why would Obama be so quick to condemn a state of our country, yet be so slow to condemn dictatorial leadership in Nicaragua, Egypt, and China? It is simple. Obama loves big government.

Gov. Walker is trying to end big government in Wisconsin, just like he promised to do while running for office. If Obama has any thought of reelection, he should support Gov. Walker and tell the unions that the era of easy money, where every lazy worker is protected and paid the same as every good worker, is over. After all, all Walker wants is for public sector employees to pay for a share of their benefits. Private sector workers already do that, and at a much higher rate than Walker is proposing.

Big government. Big labor. Obama. Dictatorships. Communists. Amazing how these all make such snuggly bedfellows, isn't it?

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