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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Narcissism 101: Charlie Sheen Is An Idiot

I don't know what to say to this. The elitism, the arrogance, and the unbelievable way he puts himself above all and everyone. This is a public service announcement against fame, liberalism, drug use, and growing up in Hollywood.

This guy, at this point, won't see 50. This has to break Martin's heart.


DeanO said...

"You can't process me with a normal brain" and "I'm a rock star from Mars" I've been watching this soap opera for a while and I believe it's only a short time before we read about Charlie Sheen in the Obits. This guy is a train wreck of colossal status! I've never seen one episode - and never intend to watch this show.

Lady Patricia said...

He is a moron to the biggest degree: a wife beater, a womanizer, a drug addict and a bad father. He is a walking, sh*t talking sexually transmitted disease cesspool. Women who screw him must have very little self respect - poor things.

How someone like him gets almost 1 million followers on Twitter escapes me. Just goes to show how low our society has become: moron leading morons.

PATRICK said...

It's sad. I like his old movies, especially the spoofs. He is a talented guy. We are all witnessing the slow death of an addict. It is alomost like reading a textbook on te phases of addiction, and having him act out the phases...........but it is real. I agree, unless someone intervenes in a powerful way, he will be dead in a few months.

blair said...

Sad useless buttcrack is what carlos estevez is! Immature like 16 year old valley girl with 5 word vocabulary. "winning, Doh, trolls" and notice that he only hangs with 20somethings that laugh at anything he says or does reagrdless of how unfunny and stupid it is? Also, notice how OLD chuckys looking - wrinkled neck, wrinkled old ass and that syphyllis is eating holes right through whats left of his brain. And this is the guy people are worshipping??? Those that love carlos are as stupid and as messed up as he is!!!! HAhahahaaa, you small minded losers!!!!

PLASMAN said...

I hate Charlie Sheen he's he biggest narcissist, brainless druggie, alcoholic, pig-headed *censored* that I've ever heard of.

What a loser. I can't believe that he thinks that he has tiger blood in his veins. More like stupid blood.

Anonymous said...

He looks horrible! And, what's with the close ups of his teeth-are they rotted out, gold, what? Good luck Charlie. You are not "winning" anything. Even the battles in your mind are all losing.