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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama: I Was Against The Iraq War, But Bombed Libya For The Same Reasons

Does this guy even remember what he has said in the past? I think this is a classic case of lying so much that you forget what lies you told. After running around the country in 2008 bashing Bush for the Iraq war, because, Iraq was not a direct threat to the United States, Obama has now bombed Libya despite admitting that they were not a direct threat to the United States. (He did that very thing in his speech on Libya yesterday.)

In case you are too obtuse to notice the contradiction here, let's use a chart (thanks to Neil over at for posting this chart) to illustrate:
So I can completely see how someone could be against the war in Iraq, but for the bombing of Libya. Not.

So Saddam was in violation of numerous UN resolutions, many provisions of his cease-fire agreement, and continue to spurn any attempts at getting him to comply.

Qaddafi is in merely trying to hold onto power. But we bomb him, without congressional approval, yet the doves seem silent on the issue.

So there is only one conclusion to be drawn: if you are for the action in Libya, but against the war in Iraq, then you are a hypocrite. Just like Obama.

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