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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Obama The War President?

Go back to before 2008. Presidential candidate Obama never missed an opportunity for a little Bush bashing over the war in Iraq.

Terms like "illegal war". "War we couldn't afford." "Invasion of a sovereign nation." "Iraq was no threat to America." Those types of things were the typical jargon Obama used as he made a run to the White House.

Now fast-forward to 2011. There is Obama behind the presidential seal defending the decision to bomb a sovereign nation and to impose a no-fly zone over a foreign country. It should be pointed out that Libya posed no threat to the United States.

Now I have to go on record here as saying that I am for the actions taken in Libya. And I am for more. But this highlights so intensely of electing an anti-war president. It becomes awkward when an anti-war president has to go to war.

Of course from El Salvador today Obama tried to highlight the lives this action was saving. Instead of stating that this action was purely offensive (which it is), he tries to position it as if it were somehow defensive. As if Gaddafi was beating down the door of the east coast of the U.S.

This reminds me of when Clinton was president. Clinton spent a lot of time dismantling the military that Reagan had built. That made it kind of hypocritical of Clinton when he would deploy our military. The Somalian Mission in Oct. of 1993 is an example of what can happen when a president is tentative and unsure of his decision to use military force.

It is March 22, 2011. Last I checked we still had troops in Iraq. Last I checked we still had troops in Afghanistan. Now we are engaged in military action in Libya. So is this Obama a hawk? you be the judge.

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4simpsons said...

I thought the same thing: Obama the Hawk. The comparisons to Bush will be amusing, seeing how Bush patiently waited for the Congress and the UN. Obama is such a cowboy!