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Friday, April 01, 2011

PETA Hates Black People

First, you have to see this ridiculous story.

Click here for story: CEO Under Fire for Posting Video of Elephant Hunt in Zimbabwe

As expected animal rights whackos, like those that make up PETA, are calling for Go Daddy boycotts and condemning Bob Parsons for killing this elephant. But take note of the benefits of his legally killing this elephant:
  • Crop damage caused by this elephant was stopped
  • Many villagers in need of food were able to harvest the elephant meat
Parsons fires first, killing the elephant. Villagers arrive in chaotic masses the next morning to eat the elephant meat.
So PETA and their ilk would rather see black villagers starve to death than to see a problem elephant legally hunted and killed. Why does PETA hate black people?

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