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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kids' Electronic Lifestyles Threaten Biodiversity

I thought this was an interesting follow-up to my last blog entry about Mark Zuckerberg.

Click here for story: TV, Internet harming protection of biodiversity: UN

Granted this is from the UN, but it makes an interesting point. As kids become more abstracted from how nature works, they begin to think of things like plants and vegetables, and even meats, as a product. Since everything they use is mass-produced, they don't see how the food on our shelves begins: as living things.

Credit Zuckerberg, as I said last week, for getting back to the basics. Prior to the industrial revolution most people grew and cultivated the foods they ate. Most people slaughtered their own livestock for the meat that was on the table.

I run into this attitude all the time. A few years ago I bought a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving from my preacher. He used to raise them every year. Once my brother and sisters found out this turkey came from my preacher's farm and had never been frozen, then they wanted nothing to do with it.

I asked them why a turkey from Butterball, that was raised and slaughtered just like this turkey had been, but then frozen for an unspecified amount of time, was better. They couldn't answer that. All they knew is that all of the turkeys they'd consumed their whole lives came from the grocery store, and that one didn't.

Sad commentary on our modern society.

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