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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Surely The Pro-Abortionists Don't Approve Of This!

Caught this headline today:

Study shows girls increasingly aborted in India

One thing that pro-abortion feminists cannot condone is singling out of female babies being aborted. Am I right? Feminists have taken up abortion as a woman's rights issue, surely they feel the rights of future women are important too.

And lest you start crowing that this doesn't happen here, bologna. I've known several couples that purposely had another child hoping it was a boy or a girl. Less scrupulous couples might abort a child over their sex, and I am sure many have done that very thing.

This has always been one of the dangers of abortion. It is bad enough that it is used as birth control, but people using it to get a designer child is appalling.

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Neil said...

This ties the pro-aborts up in knots. Deep down they don't like it but have no logical way to complain about it. If they do, they realize that they are saying it would be bad to kill females in the womb and not males, or bad to kill based on gender but OK for every other reason. This is a great issue to bring up when pro-aborts say you are anti-women ("So, how do you feel about gender-selection abortions, virtually all of which kill females for the sole reason that they are female? I'm against them.")