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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kid Rock Is An Idiot

Hat tip to JammieWearingFool

Click here for article: 'All of Them are a Bunch of Idiots'

Kid Rock got political at a party for his platinum-selling album "Born Free." "We don't need a bunch of pot-smoking hippies and we don't need a bunch of Bible Belters [for leaders]," he told us Monday at the Co-Op Penthouse at the Rivington Hotel, adding he's "not sure" if he'll endorse Barack Obama -- whom he backed in 2008 -- for re-election. Of Republican candidates, Rock declared, "All of them are a bunch of idiots."

First let me say that I've always thought Kid Rock was a giant turd. Correct that, WANNABE turd. First he tried to be a hip-hop rapper. Then he turned himself into a rock-rapper. Now he wants to be a country singer. All the while he steals other people's music and just "rewrites" the lyrics.

My opinion on Kid Rock has always been controversial considering I live in Michigan. People here think he is some kind of musical genius superstar rock god. It is kind of sad really. I don't think the guy has a bit of talent. Ted Nugent has more talent in his little finger than Kid Rock will ever have.

But I gave Kid Rock credit for mostly staying above the political fray. I knew in 2008 he endorsed Barack Obama. I figured at the time it was a Hollywood outsider turned celeb trying to be part of the "in" crowd. After all, Kid Rock has always tried to find a place to fit in (see my WANNABE explanation above). But now he is just proving to be a complete idiot.

"All of them are a bunch of idiots."

Seriously Kid? You are bashing people with educations well above a high school level that have served at various levels of government? Some of them are extremely intelligent people that have run cities and states, and in some cases successful businesses. But the are a "bunch of idiots"?

I guess taking the music to Sweet Home Alabama, and rewriting the lyrics to say "Northern Michigan" makes you more intelligent than others that have have written legislation, articles, and even books? If they are a "bunch of idiots" then Kid Rock would do well to aspire to idiocy.


aws85 said...

Thank you! Somebody gets it! I live in Michigan too and it is ridiculous how many people praise this ignorant retard.

Anonymous said...

except politicians don't write or even read the legislation...the lobbyists do all that for them.