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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Michael Medved: Obama's Numbers And Claims Don't Add Up

Michael Medved made an outstanding point on his show yesterday, and more conservatives need to pick this up and point it out.

Obama is pushing for $4 trillion dollars in "reductions". I quote that because he wants $3 trillion in spending cuts, coupled with $1 trillion dollars in tax increases.

The Republicans are saying we should cut $2 trillion dollars in spending and leave taxes alone.

Obama is trying to sell his plan to the American people by claiming that the Republicans want to make "draconian" entitlement cuts, while continuing to reward the rich by not raising their taxes.

But his math, as Medved points out, is skewed. He is actually proposing MORE cuts than the Republicans. So his cuts are more draconian than the GOP's are. The only exception is that Obama wants punitive tax increases on the rich. How dare they be rich after all.

Michael Medved has it right. I wish I could find a clip of his comments over at his site, Medved said this proves that Obama's goal isn't deficit or spending reductions, but getting the rich to pay higher taxes. I agree.

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