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Friday, July 08, 2011

More Casey Anthony: Reasonable Vs. Unreasonable Doubt

Maybe you are as sick of this case as I am, but reading another blog yesterday it hit me, and I made a comment there to this fact. What the jury got confused over was reasonable vs. unreasonable doubt. I truly believe this is the crux of the issue in the jury's idiotic verdict.

I am not a lawyer, but I know what reasonable doubt means. Reasonable doubt means that after hearing all of the evidence, that it is reasonable to conclude that the defendant is still possibly innocent of the crime charged. Where the reasonable piece comes in is that there is a REASON, based on fact, that you feel this way. The prosecution is not tasked with eliminating every possible doubt a juror might have, only reasonable doubts.

For instance, if I as a juror just couldn't fathom a mother being able to chloroform her 2 year-old daughter, putting duct tape over her mouth and nose, and then putting her in the trunk of her car to die slowly, that is doubt. But it is not a reasonable doubt because we know that human-beings are capable of such atrocities. It might be hard to imagine, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

A reasonable doubt would be if there were nothing else linking the defendant to such a heinous act. For instance, if Casey Anthony had never done a Google search on how to make chloroform, or how to kill someone, or hadn't abandoned her car due to the smell of human decomposition, then it would be reasonable to doubt that she committed the crime. Or if Casey Anthony had been grief stricken after the "disappearance" of her daughter, or she had contacted police the first day of the supposed disappearance, or if she hadn't been out partying and getting tattoo'd, then it would be reasonable that a juror would doubt that she committed the crime.

However, in this case, all of that was true. Factor in that the defense tried to get her declared incompetent to stand trial in the last week of the trial, and you can see that even they thought she was guilty.

Reasonable doubt is not unreasonable. So far everything I've heard the jurors that have spoken out say has been unreasonable. Casey Anthony was a good mother?!? Are you serious? Casey was more believable than George Anthony? Are you kidding me? Only a completely imbecilic moron could conclude those things. And apparently there were at least 12 of them, and more if you count the alternates, in this jury.

In the end a 2 year-old is dead, her mother that was responsible for that death is set to go free, and there are 12 people walking around in the Tampa Bay, Florida area that are responsible for that travesty. So far nothing has been done or said to change my mind that this jury was made up of morons.

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Exactly right!