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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time To Throw Out The Television?

I have recently come to a moral crossroads. The question at hand is whether to keep television in the house or not.

I have long admired people that don't have a TV. I admired, though slightly less, those that do not have cable or satellite (or internet now) TV.

I came across this blog entry at Newsbusters:

Click here for story: New Fall TV Heavy on Sex

This makes me want to get rid of cable, and our TVs. Not only would I avoid this filth ever coming into our home, but I would save about $80 to boot.

There is only one thing preventing me: sports. As a huge baseball and football fan I would miss being able to watch those sports, not to mention college basketball. My wife is also a huge college sports fan, so she would not like having to miss watching the Spartans every chance she gets.

So that is the crux of the decision. We have parental locks currently our cable boxes. Anything PG and worse requires a code. I will have some soul searching to do in order to decide what course of action to take. But I would love nothing more than to be able to get rid of the evil box and everything it has become.


4simpsons said...

I'm with you! I could live without it, but every now and then it is nice to have.

Anonymous said...

hey just found this place looking for hunting rid of my tv 3 years ago.i do miss the sports. baseball is better on the radio but i sure would of liked to see the bruins win the cup.more time to read the bible.not to mention the 50 bucks amonth for cable.we will be deer hunting here in less than a don,t miss the tv either dave in ct

LoneWolfArcher said...

Dave, thanks for reading and commenting! I never let TV interfere with my hunting! :)

Anonymous said...

hey thank you for posting.looks like we have alot in common.glanced at some of your previous did you make out with the bed bugs? going to sight in the bow today.back to school tomorrow. iteach high school biology. yes evolution is a lie. mostly conjucture with some facts forced into their world view. the facts never prove their point because the facts also support creation. remember God never speculates or makes an hypothesis. dave in ct

Steve Walker said...

Hey Lone Wolf, you won the book competition on my blog :) Any ideas on what the best way is for me to get your postal address and your book selection? I will send direct from Amazon or Book Depository. Thanks