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Monday, February 13, 2012

This Is What Happens When You Cut Off People That Are Addicted To Free Government Money

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Greeks are angry. Why? Because their government has to take drastic measures to keep the country solvent. Meantime, Socialists don't care about solvency, all they want is to make sure their government provided checks are still flowing in.

Greece 2012 is what America 2020 could be. Unless we stop the madness now. (We can start by voting out the Socialist currently occupying the White House.)


daniel noe said...

You'd think that people with no money left would be more interested in not burning and destroying those things with value that they had left.

This is yet another reason why those who care about civility, unity, and progress should support liberty, self-reliance, and free markets.

Anonymous said...

The local commies always join forces with islamic/turkish immigrants to burn, loot etc. It's kinda their "thing"...