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Friday, March 30, 2012

Once Again, Rush Is Right!

Over at Common Cents has a posting up about Rush Limbaugh's skyrocketing ratings in light of the Sandra Fluke, with audio from Rush's show where he speaks about his ratings.

In short, his ratings are up across the board from 10% to 60% depending on the station. The backlash at Rush for the Sandra Fluke comments has back-fired, and the exact opposite of what the leftists wanted is happening. They wanted Rush silenced, but in fact more people are listening to Rush than every before.

So as for that list of departed advertisers I posted a while back? They have to be crying about the lost sales opportunities! And the ones that stayed and came on board? They have to be enjoying the boost in sales they are experiencing.

So strike a blow for freedom. Tune into Rush on your local radio station at noon today. And go to his website and support his advertisers today!

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