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Monday, June 25, 2012

Emily Mortimer Is An Idiot

Another actress opens her mouth and proves how moronic the Hollywood elites on the left can be.

This time it is Emily Mortimer. Okay, maybe like me you were all: WHO? Yeah, we aren't talking a-list here, but we are talking about another out-of-touch elitist Hollywood moron.

Here is a link to her interview:

“Newsroom” star Emily Mortimer: Americans are dangerously uninformed

I'd quote the part that is important, but she was so long-winded, and rambling, it is difficult to cull out a small piece. In short, she was asked about the politics that Aaron Sorkin (a previous winner of the Idiot Award) injects into this show "Newsroom". Her answer was that she is very political and then she went on a rant about how the American voter is duped and uninformed.

Let me translate what Emily is trying to say: If you don't vote the way she does, then you are stupid.

Typical Hollywood leftist.

Now I could go on to point out that the majority of Americans think differently than these Hollywood types. But that is becoming more and more obvious every time one of the Hollywood types opens their mouth and removes all doubt to their foolishness.

Emily says she felt that after Bush was reelected that Americans didn't realize they had been lied to. That made me literally laugh out loud. Never mind that the Democrats trotted out a complete lying, "say anything to get elected", socialist to run against Bush.

I could go on but you get the point. So congratulations Emily Mortimer. I have no idea about your acting ability since I've never seen a single thing you've been in, but I know that in the political spectrum you are a brain-dead sheep, marching along with the rest of your Hollywood friends.