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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Obama Supporter And Voter Lauryn Hill Sentenced To Prison For Tax Evasion

In what can only be described as the ultimate in irony, Lauryn Hill, who supported and voted for the most pro-tax president in the history of our country, didn't pay her own taxes!

Here is the story:

And in case you aren't sure she voted for and supported Obama, here is this:

Hypocrites? Yeah I think so.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Boomer Esaison Is A Moron

Tim Tebow was cut today by the New York Jets. I've gone on record to say that I am a Tim Tebow fan, and that I think he is a winner. He's won every where he has gone, and that would have included New York if the Jets had given him a fair shot. I hope and pray that another team gives him a chance.

But what the Tebow news today really did was remind me of a post I have been wanting to put up for a while. And that is to comment on one of the worst NFL commentators in the business today: Boomer Esiason.

The connection between Boomer and Tebow is obvious. Last off-season Boomer spent a lot of time slandering Tebow. "He isn't worthy of a roster spot." "He shouldn't even be a back-up quarterback." "The Jets should cut him."

Those were just a sampling of the things Boomer had to say about Tebow last off-season. But you can go back to the previous off-season to read even more. "Tebow can't play, can't throw." That was said prior to the 2011 season.

Then after the Broncos made Tebow their starter, Boomer upped the rhetoric. After his second start Boomer called for the Broncos to "end the Tim Tebow experiement".

So for the better part of two years Boomer Esiason has spent the majority of his NFL commentary ripping a fellow NFL quarterback. Boomer never gave Tebow credit when he played well. He never missed a chance to point out when Tebow played poorly.

What Boomer never did was acknowledge that Tebow was a first year starter in 2011 for the Broncos and as such made his share of "rookie" mistakes. Now if I felt Boomer was worth the time I would go back and compare his first 12 starts in his NFL career to Tebow's first 12 starts in 2011. Something tells me that Boomer wouldn't like the results of that comparison.

What I can do is look at the facts. Tebow took over a 1-4 Bronco team and led them to a playoff berth. He then led the Broncos to an opening round playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. At times Tebow played like a first year starter in the NFL. At other times he played like a seasoned veteran. One thing he proved was that the Broncos were NEVER out of a game with him at the helm.

After the Broncos signed Peyton Manning following the 2011 NFL season, they traded Tebow to the NY Jets. Rex Ryan never gave Tebow a chance in New York, even jumping him on the depth chart to start the 3rd string QB when Mark Sanchez got benched. Typical Rex Ryan stubbornness refused to give a proven winner the chance to turn around the Jets' season. The result? The Jets continued to lose.

And Boomer continued to attack Tebow. I am sure Boomer would try to argue that the Broncos defense was the reason for the Broncos run in 2011. Which would be typical Esiason NFL analysis. In other words, not very good. Considering it was the same Broncos defense that started 1-4. What was different after that start? Oh the starting QB, but no Boomer, let's give the defense the credit.

Oh and how did the Broncos do with Peyton at the helm last year? While they did win their division, they failed to win a single playoff game. That's right, after 1 season as starter in the Denver, Peyton Manning couldn't win a playoff game, something Tebow did in his first season as starter.

As for Boomer's own performance? As I said as far as NFL commentators go I can't think of anyone worse. Boomer even does these little CBS sports minutes on CBS radio. One morning I got to hear Boomer creating a Hollywood movie cast for some made-up sports movie. I don't even remember who the movie was supposed to be about, but I couldn't believe the waste of 60 seconds of radio time for that hard-hitting sports analysis. Boomer is a joke.

What makes Boomer's attacks on Tebow so bad is there is no professional basis for them. That means that they could only be personal. It isn't apparanete what he has against Tebow, but personal attacks for two years are just a mean-spirited action, and not the actions of a true professional sports commentator. It begs the question, "Why does Boomer hate Tim Tebow?"

But even without the Tim Tebow rants, Boomer is a horrible commentator. In fact, to sum up this entire blog post, I just have to say: CBS should fire Boomer Esiason. Boomer isn't worthy of radio and TV airtime. He can't commentate, he can't analyze.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Obama to Planned Parenthood: "God bless you."

Sickening. Absolutely sickening.

To evoke God's name in relation to the pro-abortion fight is the worst taking of God's name in vain in the history of mankind.

Thank you America for four more years of this blasphemer.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Bombers, Ready For This?, Are Muslims


By now you've heard about the Boston Marathon bombings, and that two suspects were identified. One was killed, or killed himself, last night. The other remains on the loose.

You've probably also heard by now that they are Chechnya and are Muslims.

Since that last part was discovered I have witnessed those on the left falling all over themselves to make sure that "we do not indict Islam as a whole"! To quote another leftist since all this was revealed: "All religions have their share of losers."

Of course they leave out the fact that the other religions' loser rarely, if ever, go out and bomb and kill people in the name of that religion. Nor are they promised dozens of virgins in paradise for doing so.

But what is really funny is the song liberals were singing prior to it being revealed, inevitably, that  Muslim terrorists were to blame. You see Chris Matthews and his ilk had spent the better part of 3 days surmising that this was probably  "homegrown terrorists upset about gun control". You can't make this stuff up.

And, of course, they began to run with this and to indict all people that owned guns and are unhappy with Obama's presidency as being potential home-grown terrorists bent on blowing up innocent fellow Americans.


Then as soon as  the truth, which we all knew in our gut, that these were Muslim radicals bent on terrorizing innocent women and children in the name of their religion, the left begins to make sure that not all Muslims are indicted as potential terrorist bombers.

Do you think Chris Matthews will issue an apology for indicting "gun nuts"? Do you think any of those on the left that have spent 2-3 days hoping beyond hope that a) it wasn't a Muslim and b) that it was an Obama hating gun owner, will apologize? Do you think any of them will have the guts to come forward and say that they should have known all along that Islamic radicalism was behind the bombings?

Of course not.

So enjoy the spin for the next few days. It will come fast and furious. The left-wing, MSM can't help themselves. And neither can those home-grown America haters known as the political left.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Truth About The Gun Show Loophole

I am so sick of hearing about the "gun show loophole". The belief by many anti-gun people is that you can go to a gun show and buy a rifle, shotgun or handgun, and are not subject to a federal background check that is mandatory in a gun dealer's store or shop. Now here is the truth:

If you buy a rifle, shotgun, or a handgun from a dealer that holds a Federal Firearm License (commonly referred to as a FFL), then you will be submitted to a federal background check (NICS, The National Instant Criminal Background Check System) regardless of the location. That means EVEN AT A GUN SHOW!!

That's right folks, buying guns at a gun show is no different than buying a gun at a gun shop or retailer. You will have to fill out the NICS form and have the background check run before you can have the weapon transferred to you. Period.

Just to be clear, let me repeat that: If you buy a gun from a FFL dealer, you will be subject to the NICS background check regardless of location! Doesn't matter if you buy it in their store, their home, their Prius, or even a gun show.

So what is the "gun show loophole"? First and foremost it is bad misnomer. Secondly, it is the right as private gun owner to transfer your firearm to another individual without the burden of having to figure out how to submit the person to the NICS background check.

So why does this "loophole" exist? Because not being a gun dealer, a private individual has no way of running a NICS background check against their husband, wife, son, daughter, dad, mom, uncle, aunt, cousin, friend, or person that answered a want ad. Without this loophole it would be extremely difficult for a family member or friend to be gifted a firearm, or to even inherit the firearm. It is ridiculous to contemplate the burden of trying to figure out how to subject individuals to such a process.

This would be analogous to telling a private seller of a vehicle that they have to run a DMV check on a potential buyer before they can sell a vehicle to another individual. What? How?

Now here is the real kicker: there are federal rules governing this "loophole", and most states have already closed the "loophole" already!

The federal law regarding transferring firearms to another individual clearly states that you cannot knowingly transfer (sell or give) any firearm to someone that is ineligible for buying a gun. IE, if you know the person couldn't pass the background check (they are a felon, mentally ill, have renounced their U.S. citizenship, are an illegal alien, have a restraining order against them, etc) then you cannot give or sell a firearm of any type to  said person. Doing so is a felony itself!

Further, most states have already closed this so-called "loophole" for all or some firearms. For instance, here in Michigan, any long gun can be gifted or sold to another individual without a background check. However, it is still subject to the federal restriction stated above. However, in Michigan, if you give or sell a handgun you do have to have a background check.

The Michigan system actually makes sense, the responsibility is all on the buyer. The buyer must go to their local police department, fill out a form. The police department runs a Michigan State Police background check on the buyer, and then gives them a 10 day (2 week) purchase permit if they are cleared. The buyer has 2 weeks to purchase the handgun, and then return one of the copies of the purchase permit back to the police station, filled out and signed by the seller.

Many other states have similar processes, and many even include long guns in that process, including every state where a high-profile shooting has taken place! In fact, none of the shootings (Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, VA Tech) were perpetrated with a gun received via the "gun show loophole".

So while the media and idiotic liberal politicians (like 0bama) make a big deal of the "gun show loophole", closing it on a federal level would have done NOTHING to prevent those shootings. It is smoke-and-mirrors, bait-and-switch by the media and idiotic liberal politicans (like 0bama) to suggest that this is a natural outcome of those shootings.

So in short, there IS no "gun show loophole" and in fact that should get the award for the worst name ever. It is lie. It is a grossly misleading name. Which is precisely why the media and idiotic liberal politicians (like 0bama) use it.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

More Liberal Lunacy: CA Proposes Smoking Ban In Homes

This is Moonbattery at its best. It should be pointed out that this ban would only affect multi-tenant homes (apartments, duplexes, etc) and doesn't extend to standalone homes, but that is the next step.

Watch the video:

So this is where the lunacy goes up a notch.

The argument is we have to protect the kids from 2nd-hand smoke. Seems noble. But wait, this doesn't extend to MARIJUANA SMOKE!!!


So let's protect the kids from tobacco smoke, but let's let them be exposed to marijuana smoke with no limits?

This is the left at its best.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Sandy Hook Not The Worst School Massacre

I've remained quiet since the Sandy Hook school shooting. Mainly because I wanted to process everything before I put words to page and made some points that I had been mulling in my head. Obviously I am against many of the gun control proposals that 0bama is currently pimping around the country.

The main question I have been mulling in my head is: why is the response to this Sandy Hook school shooting a call for stricter gun control? Let's think about that for a minute. The belief underpinning this response is that if we had stricter gun control then this shooting would never have occurred.

Now many pushing for stricter gun control, including 0bama, would quickly try to correct that. They'd argue that they aren't saying that gun control would have prevented Sandy Hook, only that we need to "take common sense measures to try and prevent future tragedies in the future:. Why do they say that? Because they know, undoubtedly, that these proposed gun control laws would have done NOTHING, let me repeat, NOTHING to prevent the Sandy Hook shooting.

So why the push? It is called opportunism. The 0bama administration is on record as having said "never let a tragedy go to waste". They are jumping on this tragedy and shamelessly using the deaths of these 20 kids to push for laws that would have done nothing to save their lives. Kind of sickening when you think of it.

Now I have done a lot of research regarding Sandy Hook since the shooting. And there are many, many problematic details of the shooting. But let's just assume for a minute that it happened just as the mainstream media purports. What most people don't realize is that Sandy Hook isn't even close to the worst, nor most troubling, school massacre in our history.

Let me repeat that: Sandy Hook isn't even close to the worst, nor the most troubling, school massacre in our history.

No, that distinction belongs to the "Bath School Disaster". I have no idea why this title is used for this incident. It wasn't a disaster, it was a massacre. You can read all about it on wikipedia here: Bath school (not) disaster

Just a few details about this school massacre. It occurred in 1927 in Bath, Michigan. 38 elementary students were killed, 6 adults were killed, and there were at least 58 others injured. It was perpetrated by a single man who first killed his wife at home before killing all of the others at the Bath Consolidated School.

But the most interesting detail of the Bath School Disaster is that not a single victim was shot. Nope. Now the perpetrator did detonate the bomb that took his own life by firing a rifle, but none of the innocent victims of his crime were killed by a gunshot wound. They were all killed via explosives.

So let's assume for a minute that we could snap our fingers and remove every firearm in the world from existence. Let's even assume we could have done that retroactively so that every person that has died due to firearms didn't. We would still have 38 innocent children murdered in 1927 in Bath, MI. What this proves is that you cannot stop an evil person from perpetrating horrific acts of violence even if you get rid of all guns.

That's right. Evil men, bent on creating death and mayhem, will find a way to pull off such acts no matter what.

Now what is really amazing to me is that no one in the media has brought up the Bath School Disaster. That is incredible. It seems like the parallels would be drawn between Bath and Sandy Hook almost immediately. But the media have an agenda and that agenda is decidedly anti-gun. And for them to point out that the worst school massacre in history was perpetrated without a firearm would be counterproductive to that agenda.

I will have many things to say about the gun control proposals currently being pushed by our Liar In Chief, but for now I feel justified in pointing to the Bath School Disaster as proof that guns are but a tool, and not the only tool nor the cause, that madmen use to carry out their acts of violence. Not having that one tool won't prevent them from using others.