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Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Bombers, Ready For This?, Are Muslims


By now you've heard about the Boston Marathon bombings, and that two suspects were identified. One was killed, or killed himself, last night. The other remains on the loose.

You've probably also heard by now that they are Chechnya and are Muslims.

Since that last part was discovered I have witnessed those on the left falling all over themselves to make sure that "we do not indict Islam as a whole"! To quote another leftist since all this was revealed: "All religions have their share of losers."

Of course they leave out the fact that the other religions' loser rarely, if ever, go out and bomb and kill people in the name of that religion. Nor are they promised dozens of virgins in paradise for doing so.

But what is really funny is the song liberals were singing prior to it being revealed, inevitably, that  Muslim terrorists were to blame. You see Chris Matthews and his ilk had spent the better part of 3 days surmising that this was probably  "homegrown terrorists upset about gun control". You can't make this stuff up.

And, of course, they began to run with this and to indict all people that owned guns and are unhappy with Obama's presidency as being potential home-grown terrorists bent on blowing up innocent fellow Americans.


Then as soon as  the truth, which we all knew in our gut, that these were Muslim radicals bent on terrorizing innocent women and children in the name of their religion, the left begins to make sure that not all Muslims are indicted as potential terrorist bombers.

Do you think Chris Matthews will issue an apology for indicting "gun nuts"? Do you think any of those on the left that have spent 2-3 days hoping beyond hope that a) it wasn't a Muslim and b) that it was an Obama hating gun owner, will apologize? Do you think any of them will have the guts to come forward and say that they should have known all along that Islamic radicalism was behind the bombings?

Of course not.

So enjoy the spin for the next few days. It will come fast and furious. The left-wing, MSM can't help themselves. And neither can those home-grown America haters known as the political left.

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