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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why Does The Left Love Islam And Hate Christianity?

I noticed something in the last week. The Huffington Post (a joke of a news organization) ran at least two anti-Christian articles. To avoid click-bait I won't link the urls to those articles but they included:

- Because a "Christian woman" cheered the death of Ted Kennedy, then ALL Christians are bad

- All modern Christians are unlike Christ because the author could cite a few anecdotal instances of  "Christians" acting non-Christ-like

However hard the left tries to cast dispersion on a all Christians due to the bad behavior of a few, the same people will rush to Islam's defense when a Muslim acts horrifically. Let's contrast and compare:

- All Christians are bad because one cheers the death of an enemy, but all Muslims are not bad even though one murders 49 people

- All Christians are un-Christ-like because of the non-violent actions of a few, but all Muslims are not bad despite many committing horrific acts of violence

- All Christians are bad because there is teaching in Christianity about the roles of men and women, but all Muslims are not bad despite Islam not allowing women to drive, vote, or be educated

- All Christians are bad because they teach, according to scripture, that homosexuals are living in sin and in need of salvation, but all Muslims are not bad despite Islam teaching that homosexuals are worthy of death

I could go on, but you get the point. The question is why are liberals so hateful towards Christianity but at the same time so defensive of Islam? It doesn't add up. Islam, on every point, is opposed to the very tenets of modern liberalism, but liberals will defend it voraciously at every turn. At the same time they will attack Christianity no matter what, and in any way they can.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Why CNN Is Irrelvant

CNN used to be THE cable news network. Not just by name but in practicality. I can remember being in my early twenties and watching the start of the Persian Gulf War on CNN. As a young conservative I didn't realize just how far left CNN leaned. Years later when Fox News was starting out, I would hear conservatives praise Fox News on Rush Limbaugh's radio program.

When I first tuned into Fox News it was during the Hannity and Colmes program. I realized that the program was a combination of a liberal and a conservative. (I remember thinking, please don't let this Alan Colmes guy be the conservative!) What a fair and balanced way of doing a news program, I thought.

By 2000 I had left CNN behind. I had always been more of a CNN Headline News guy anyway, but even that fell by the wayside. I tuned exclusively into Fox News. The secret to Fox News was trying to remain down the middle. I used to laugh when my liberal friends would accuse Fox News of being "right-wing". I quickly realized that these liberals were so used to hearing news with a left-wing slant, that they thought non-biased news was too far right.

I still have this argument with liberals. I point out to them all of the liberals that I hear from while watching Fox News. I explain how I regularly yell at my TV having to hear Juan Williams spouting his left-wing garbage on Fox. Obama could commit murder and Williams would try to find a way to rationalize it. The liberals that watch CNN (or worse MSNBC) hardly ever hear a conservative viewpoint. That don't understand that which is why they think Fox is so far right.

So why is CNN so irrelevant in the world of cable news today? Simple, they do not connect with real Americans. CNN no longer appeals to the early twenties conservative that wants to see the start of the first war in his consciousness. They no longer appeal to the farmer.and his family, that is struggling to survive. CNN now has an audience of east and west coasters that don't understand the struggles of middle America.

CNN no longer connects with real, everyday Americans, but it has a loyal following of uber rich, Hollywood types. They still love CNN. And they hate Fox because, again, they can't stand balanced news broadcasting. They want to hear their news through the liberal, left-wing filter. They want their preconceived, left-wing biased opinions to be reinforced, not challenged. They'd rather hear non-news, than balanced news.

For example, tonight Fox News ran a special on Benghazi, a story that real Americans are deeply concerned about. CNN? They ran a documentary on Steve Jobs.

There is the juxtaposition. One cable news network is running a hard hitting news program about how the Obama administration, including a potential candidate for the 2016 presidential election (Hillary Clinton), allowed 6 Americans to be killed in our Libyan embassy, and then blamed a Youtube video for the attack. The other was running a tabloid fluff piece about a Silicon Valley CEO that has been dead for over 4 years.